Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eleven-eleven-oh seven!

On November 11, 2007 Tim and Lauren became Mr. & Mrs. Bergon. We were both excited beyond belief at God's grace that brought us to this day.
So, I put some make-up on, got my hair done and headed for the altar.

Here is my beautiful cousin, Katie Doo-wah. She was my junior bridesmaid, and graciously wore this dress, even though she had a lovely one to wear already.
Thanks to everyone who helped me feel like a princess that day!
My wedding party consisted of my Aunt Sally as my Matron of Honor , Katie, and Hannah, Tim's niece, as our flower girl.
Here the ladies are fixing my veil .
While I was hiding away, the boys had some fun taking pictures. Tim, Gary, Tim's dad and Desi, Tim's best friend.
Sisters Kim and Lori.
The most handsome man in the world.
Mom, Cindy, with her little boy.
Kim's kids: Daniel, Matthew, Hannah and David.
The procession starts:
Tim sees his bride:
I love the intensity of Tim's face. This was one of only a few serious moments. We were both so excited and giddy that we laughed and smiled the whole time. He is truly the love of my life! Love is amazing!
A day for which we praise and thank God and His gracious love.
I didn't notice, but I guess everyone said our kiss was super long.

Mr. & Mrs. Bergon, a beautiful sound to our ears!

My dress looks surreal here.

Dad and I danced to Heartland's "I Loved Her First".
Tim & his mom danced to Jim Brickman's "A Mother's Day".
Our wedding coordinator got us the most beautiful linens, and we typed up fact cards about some of the nation's high peaks, and some of our personal favorite mountains. These also served as a way of organizing the seating arrangements. We did much of the work ourselves and saved money without sacrificing class- though we were pretty upset about the coffee cups!
Our cake was awesome. I have never seen a better cake. Liz Miller at Old Town Cake Co. in Murrieta created this fabulous and whimsical cake. Not only was she the most affordable, but she went way beyond our expectations to give us this fantastic mountain cake. I found the topper and was inspired- obviously so was she! Old Town Cake Co. also re-creates the top of your cake for your 1st anniversary, and boy am I looking forward to that!!!
It was delicious too!
As a surprise, I sang a song to Tim:

Tim arranged the getaway car, we drove away in a huge, flame-covered Mustang
Off to Hawaii for our fantastic honeymoon. Thank you family & friends for all the grace, love & support in demonstrating Christ to us. May our marriage be a witness of Christ for His glory. Love, Lauren


Shar said...

Welcome back to the world of blog! What a totally awesome God we belong to! You two are a strong testimony to His love and the wonderful gifts He bestows on those who love Him.

P.S. As a former Mustang owner, I must take issue with your get away car. It was perfect, but it was NO Mustang :)

Rose Starr said...

Great post Lauren! You were/are so beautiful and we were super blessed to be a part of that day. Looking forward to spending more time with you and Tim as God allows...

want to come camping in CO this summer with a big, loud family?!