Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Update # 7

Weeks 36-40 (or 41 & 42+) make up the 9th month!
I am 9 months pregnant. A fetus is considered full-term at 37 weeks.
Bump! could be here next week, in two weeks, in three weeks, in four weeks, in five weeks or six weeks plus. I think she will debut on June 2nd, but only God knows. She'll give the the hormonal signal and then my body will respond with more hormones that will lead to labor.

We are now meeting with Anne Sommers, our midwife, once a week. We have our birth kit here with most of the medical amenities, like gloves, pads, herbs, heating pads, etc. Anne will have emergency devices if necessary. This does not include an epidural people. She will have a doppler and some infant resuscitation stuff and a small dose of pitocin in case of postnatal hemorrhage for me. In the last 20 years she has delivered, she has performed 2 episiotomies. We are excited about home birth, and looking forward to giving Bump! the best start that we can idealize. 

Unless there are problems, we'll be delivering in the warmth of our home with comforts and luxuries abounding. I'll labor anywhere I want, with no IVs or forced pee efforts or fetal monitoring. There will be flowers and candles and cozy, familiar linens, a jacuzzi for labor, and no annoying car ride to the hospital. Anne will arrive after labor is progressing and monitor the baby. Anne and her team are here for the baby. Tim is here for me, and Sharon will be here for Tim. Tim is my coach and we have almost finished our classes under the Bradley method. He is taking me through some mental relaxation when he is home and we practice different laboring positions together. I hope he is able to "catch" our baby, I think that's what he intends to do. My mom will be here to take over when Tim needs a rest, a nap or some food. She'll also assist him by getting anything he needs as a gopher. I don't think she'll dress up in the costume, but I know she'll be very very helpful. It will be an interesting experience together since I've heard pregnant women are sometimes not themselves as they go through labor and transition. Please cover this birth in prayers as we prepare to become parents, no small feat for those of you out there with kids! I would like prayer that no matter what is going on physically, I can remain mentally alert and under God's submission. Even pregnancy is no excuse for sin and treating my coach or asst. coach in a way that does not honor God might seem justifiable during this trying and difficult time. I pray that baby grows as much as she needs. I only increased 1cm of growth over the last two weeks, so let's pray she stays in there and gets as big as she needs to be. Pray that I'll use this time wisely. I was thinking about the fact that she could come in like 10 days and my mind started to panic at all I haven't done. I don't need to go crazy, but if we are going to birth at home, it needs to be clean. I can't have dog and cat fur everywhere and the "guest" bathroom is now where we'll bathe her. Both showers need a good scrubbing for health measures, and then there's those credential classes. I have to get them done by September, but I want to be done before she comes. Of course, if she comes in 14 days...gulp. So, pray that I don't dawdle or delay, but use this time God gave me for today (I couldn't resist). We'll keep you updated =) 

Love, Lauren 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All About Baby lately- Update #6

Proud Mama:

@ 33 weeks

I have two more days at work, and then I am home free. (I should get paid for my material)
Seriously though, this week 33 pic will give all of you preggo ladies out there some hope: yes, you will grow to the size of a small narwhale, don't fret. I can't believe that I will continue to grow for 7 more weeks- how is that even possible? I'm ready to be done at work, my sciatic is starting to flare up and my nerves are a little on-edge with the sophomores. Thank God that He blessed me with a great job that gives sick days and pregnancy disability. I am very joyful and thankful! Many people are surprised that I am choosing to leave a tenured position at a good school teaching Advanced English 10 and Photojournalism, but I just don't think they understand what a wonderful opportunity in advancement I am taking. We have so much to be grateful to God for, only He has allowed our family the benefit of a full-time mother for our baby, and a full-time wife for Tim. I will never regret "sacrificing" my career for the sake of my family. 

While I have 7 weeks to go, my friend Erin Thomas decided to shortcut her pregnancy and gave birth to her baby boy on Tuesday! Baby boy decided to arrive a few weeks early and is now doing well. We are praying for continued strengthening and recovery for baby and Mom. You can see her (rather, Dave's) post here.

In other baby news, we decided to baby-sit a friend's 10 month old on Tuesday. I figured it would be good practice for being pregnant with baby #2. Kelsey is a generally happy and smiley and "easy" baby. She has a great temperament and was no trouble to watch. We took Kelsey on a walk, we didn't really have any blankets, so we wrapped her in a towel. It looked like I was pushing an E-wok.
We went down to the park and she watched the pups play. 
She wasn't too keen on them, but kinda warmed to them as the night went on. While Tim made dinner, I read her a book. We changed her, tried to feed her and Tim got her opinion on the safe we should buy from Costco as he held her on his lap. Tim is great with kids, and I really have to thank Kim and the Starrs in some way for having kids on which Tim could practice. I, on the other hand, am so scared now! While Tim is making up songs, talking all goofy and generally enthralling Kelsey, I am wracking my brain to entertain her. I asked her if she's read MacBeth, or what she thought about the symbolism in the Lord of the Flies. She was not amused by me. I just kinda bounced her and said, "Hi, baby" again and again. Tim made her very happy, I just bored her. Now I have no idea what I'm going to do with our baby, and what will I do when Tim is at work and I have to be silly? I'm not silly, I'm serious. I'm seriously serious about the severity of my insecurity! I hope when Bump! comes, I'll have more to say than just, "Hi baby"...
Love, Lauren

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Bump! Update # 5

Does anyone else thing that Blogger is crappy? If you use a better
host, let me know. I have been trying to post
an update for about a month now,
but it won't upload my photos. (oh and my post is all weirdly spaced because Blogger was allowing it to go off the page...) Anyways.
Even this update is late, for I am closer to
33 weeks (Monday, 4/6).
The pregnancy is going great. Bump!'s head is
down, though she has not dropped. I am feeling good;
I am visiting my chiro for any sciatic issues.
I am also exercising by walking 3 miles about 4
times a week and doing all those pelvic rocks,
squats and tailor sitting.
We are almost done with our Bradley classes
and my first shower is April 9th! I am very excited
at all this anticipation and building toward D-day.
I thought we had a name picked, but now I am second-guessing
it and Tim won't commit to a name- he says it's rude
to tell people, "Yes, we have a name, but we're
not telling YOU", when he says this he makes
his eyes bug out and points to emphasize the exclusion factor.
I go back to work for one more week on Monday.
I have also finished grading my last essays
(well, I will finish sometime today).
I will NOT miss those things.
A warning to all wanna-be teachers
out there: don't choose English.
We have actually done many excursions
that I have not yet posted about,
but those will come when Blogger stops being crappy.
For now, enjoy!

Me, Tim & Bump! @ 31 weeks

Love, Lauren