Friday, February 21, 2014

Luke is One !!!

Yes! I used three exclamation points to emphasize just how astounding it is that our baby is ONE!

This little sweet, handsome boy enjoyed a simple "cars" themed birthday. Tim was extremely excited to bring down all his die-cast cars and set them up all over the house. We had Hot Wheels everywhere and I think it was particularly fun for him to have a "boy" birthday party.

Luke samples the Hot Wheels confetti:

We choose to dedicate our children on their 1st birthday in front of family and friends who might actually be in our life for a long enough time to call us out and encourage us in the parenting department. Tim reads Luke's dedication and we had the two grandpas pray over him and us.
It's not easy turning ONE. Everyone wants you to smile and laugh. As with most of life so far, Luke was kickback, relaxed and having fun.

A special bond: the only son of an only son of an only son. Happy Tim has a little man to balance out the estrogen in the house. 

Cake by Lauren. Micro Machines by Tim.

 With Nani: a year earlier, she was much surprised to hear the words "He's out!" from around the corner of our bathroom wall. So happy she's been able to attend all 3 of our children's births.

 Yum, homemade chocolate devil's food. I let my kids eat real cake on their birthday.
It's their birthday for crying out loud!

This is how he kisses: sloppy and sweet. I am in love with my little sonshine.
Happy Birthday Bukey.

Love, Lauren 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Meet Ellie

Tim has always loved cars. He has many cars in his imaginary garage. One of those cars has always been a 4x4 vehicle. After months of casually--but consistently--looking he had his eye on a few Land Cruisers. We had gone from Broncos, to Jeeps, to CR-V (my idea…some pumped up off-road CR-Vs are awesome!) to FJs in all years, price ranges and conditions. He finally settled on the Land Cruiser because of the ability to have 3 carseats in the middle row and the available third row. He was in talks with a guy in San Diego for a charcoal grey one, but I was sick preventing him from meeting up with the guy; his next scheduled meet-up was postponed because his Dad needed some help chopping wood. To me, it seemed frustrating but to my trusting husband it was just fine that it didn't work out. The Lord prevented that purchase and instead sent us on a trip to LA to visit my friend Christina, who had just delivered her first baby girl. On the way home from that trip, we were able to stop in Whittier where we met “Ellie”, a forest green 1995 Land Cruiser that was pretty much ready to go. We weren’t going to need to lift it, do a bunch of repairs, change out tires or much of anything. Because we don’t have a bunch of time for projects around here; our kids are the work of our hearts-it’s hard to squeeze in too much more. “Ellie” was so dubbed by the owner previous to the guy we bought her from. The guy who sold us the Cruiser was really cool, about our age and told us that the man he bought her from had cried when he sold her. He was totally attached the the vehicle but had to sell her for some reason. He had named her “Ellie” and it was just girly enough for our girls to latch onto. Plus, the chance to tease Tim by calling his manly truck “Ellie” was just too good to pass up. So, we’ve been out and about enjoying our blessing. The sale of our Chevy covered the entire cost of this purchase, including registration, taxes and insurance and we’re very excited to have a third vehicle. Tim was tired of me heading out for groceries in his 1989 Toyota truck. If he took the girls somewhere in the Honda and left me at home with Luke, I had no option but to take him in the truck somewhere. It wasn’t the most preferred situation and we are so thankful that now we have a safer option for off-road and the occasional separate driving issues.

The hills behind Temecula Creek Inn:

Our girls love being out bumping around:

All 5 of us went out on a really cold and windy day. I love Luke's face in these next two (well all kids' faces but especially my sweet baby's expressions!)

It was a very cold day (poor baby Lukey):

On another trip, we went up Nate Harrison grade to Palomar Mountain. The pic is blurry, but Madeleine had the best look of anticipation on her face. She rolled her window all the way down and braved the cold to enjoy her ride. 

At Palomar State Park we checked out Doane Pond. I was frozen, but the girls loved splashing in the puddles. The clouds were like phantoms through the trees and they were moving very quickly.

My poor baby: I forgot to pack him gloves, but he didn't seem too bothered. He just cooed and talked and looked all around, he seemed to enjoy this trip too. His little personality with preferences in coming out more and more as he approaches one year old and I'm still surprised he's so OLD already. When he starts walking, I think it will really start to hit me.

Doane pond with my cubs:

Speaking of cubs, Tim told us that for the first time in over a decade, they have had a bear sighting on Palomar. Madeleine latched onto the idea and used it to excite herself and her sister by pretending to be followed by bears, or hope to see a bear and even had a bear hopping on our roof. Although we didn't see any bears, we enjoyed watching some deer. Our dogs went almost out of their minds (see Roscoe in the mirror) but the deer didn't spook and we were able to watch them graze. They are so beautiful and graceful. I love their large soft ears. 

At the Palomar Observatory, we watched a video on SOFIA, a 747 NASA uses to take pictures of star formation and interstellar medium. We saw the 18" telescope and the 200" telescope which Corning/Pyrex made. Well, the glass was made by Corning/Pyrex and it took over a year just to cool once it was cast! 

This boy is THE cutest. I adore him. He is my sonshine….just lights up my life.

 Our ride home through Pala:

Thanking God for Tim's patience and persistence to find us a wonderful vehicle within our budget parameters and with all the details he felt were important. I'm learning to value his patience more and more when it comes to buying vehicles. Every one of his decisions has brought good to our family, and I am sure that "Ellie" will continue the pattern.

Love, Lauren