Sunday, June 17, 2012

Green Bean

In case you missed the Facebook post, we're expecting our third little babe in late January/early February. I had been trying to wait until July to announce the news to our families, but it ended up being way too complicated! We're over 8 weeks along and doing just fine. I'm calling baby "green bean" for now...once we find out gender in about 10-14 weeks, we'll go pink bean or blue bean (p.b. or b.b.) :)
So excited!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

WAP with Mama

Usually when Tim works a 48 (or longer), we head down to the WAP or try and do something to distract Mama the girls from the fact that Dada is away. I had never been to the Butterfly Jungle and thought it was a great time to go.

I tried to get Mads to play in the turtle shell, but not only was she not impressed by it, she was equally not impressed that I got in it:
 G wasn't too impressed either:
 Madeleine did not like the Butterfly Jungle- I had to carry both girls and Madeleine was afraid that the butterflies would land on her (which is of course, amazing!). But, at 18 months she hated the hippo, and last week she loved it: ages & stages, as my mother says:

 The park was super crowded with the Butterfly Jungle and we actually waited for the tram over 45 minutes!!! We've never waited for the tram, couple this with a newly potty-trained Mads, a Mama who forgot the packed lunch and snack bag on the kitchen counter and you get for not the most enjoyable day, but...the girls did great despite my hiccups:

 Because I love the man so darn much, I always stop by the station on the way home. G didn't quite stay awake:
 and Sleeping Beauty woke to a kiss from her knight in shining armor:
We hung out with Tim a little bit and then headed home. Thankfully, seeing him makes getting through the days a little easier (wow, do I sound like an addict or what). Yes, you can pray for me since you now see my life's idol.
Love, Lauren

April 2012- Part 1

The wind merited a trip to the park with our new hawk kite. Unfortunately, this hawk did not fly as well as those that frequent our backyard. With a design flaw, we couldn't even get little red to stay in the sky. Guess he's not ready for release...he'll be returning to Costco for rehabilitation. Meanwhile, two other men showed up with kites that flew beautifully, giving Tim every excuse in the world to grumble. Ha ha.

 I prayed for a blue-eyed baby:
God said:
 "comin' atcha":

"I'll catch you Gracie"

Where we take our dogs when they need a good run:

we love Temecula:

Mid April brought the first Canna flower:

 and the first day warm enough to bathe some beauties:

and, of course, these two make every day just a little more fun:

Love, Lauren

Easter Sunday 2012

We hosted Easter this year, unlike the previous hosting where we attempted lamb kabobs, saffron rice and blackberry cheesecake, I went a little lowball and served sandwiches and had the other women in the family bring their delicious treats like my mom's tortellini salad and my sister-in-law's spinach/strawberry salad. I can't remember what my mother-in-love brought...sorry Mom :) My girls napped after a nice stroller ride (we skipped church!-sssshhhh! we recently left our church of the last 4.5 years). Holiday services at church rank about as engaging as nascar for me, so I asked if we could enjoy a stressless walk before hosting all the family over.
Between me, my sister, my mil, and Tim's aunt, I think we had about 200 eggs for 6 kids 6 and under. Some that I tossed into the Lantana are now a permanent fixture.

Madeleine went first as she is the youngest, Grace was still napping:

Easter Eggs...YES!  

 After little G woke up, we attempted a photo. This is the best one:

An Easter Egg from Nani (with a Hello Kitty swimsuit inside!):

Gooey finally warms up to the party:


And after that fun little exercise, Unky Lex and Miss Leigh showed up just in time to sing us Baby Beluga and the Chicken song:

Gracen really liked Miss Leigh:

Gracie also delighted her great grammy with a little hide and seek!

What a wonderful way to celebrate the Risen Lord-family, food, song and candy!
"Oh taste and see, that the LORD is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him" Psalm 34:8
Love, Lauren

Easter Egg Hunt

In April, we all fell a little under the weather. Mads & G were just a little crabby and wanted to sleep. Tim was sick one week and then I came down with death in a dust mite: strep. I thought I was being a little overdramatic when I told my husband that I thought the body aches were worse than natural delivery of our two children, but then my sister-in-love said the exact thing and I felt a little justified. Tim took time off to take care of the kids and let me sleep it off for FOUR WHOLE DAYS! Nuts. Tim had to return to work, so my mom came over to help me out and I dragged myself out of bed to take the girls to our association's Easter Egg hunt. But, Mama waited too long and by the time we got there, they were packing it up. The event coordinator was so sweet to lay out some extra eggs just for my girls. What a blessing!

G money honey bunny:
 How cute is this  child!?!?
 And her sister is pretty awesome too; lots of hunting and perfect for little ones:
 Sweet sister carried both baskets-praise Jesus for servant hearts:
 After my rally, I came home and crashed, calling over my other mother. (I know I am more than blessed!). She came over to dye the eggs I had boiled for the girls. While I slept upstairs, the girls enjoyed a Easter treat with their Grammi.

Love, Lauren

Captured- March 27, 2012

Madeleine wanted to eat a picnic out on our lawn (and who wouldn't!). Tim took a few shots of her before she realized what he was doing. Then they just alternated clicking (her camera is also spill-proof).

Love, Lauren

Fred Hall Fishing Show-March 2012

Back in March, we went to the Fred Hall Fishing Show with my parents.
We watched the famous Dock Dogs do their flying leaps into the water:

 We enjoyed taxidermy, browsed lures, shopped boat supplies and had a $12 beer(me-not the kids):
 There were some large tanks for fishing  demonstrations & kid fascination:
 the new goofy-face:
 testing out some boats, someone looks river ready:
Love, Lauren