Saturday, June 16, 2012

WAP with Mama

Usually when Tim works a 48 (or longer), we head down to the WAP or try and do something to distract Mama the girls from the fact that Dada is away. I had never been to the Butterfly Jungle and thought it was a great time to go.

I tried to get Mads to play in the turtle shell, but not only was she not impressed by it, she was equally not impressed that I got in it:
 G wasn't too impressed either:
 Madeleine did not like the Butterfly Jungle- I had to carry both girls and Madeleine was afraid that the butterflies would land on her (which is of course, amazing!). But, at 18 months she hated the hippo, and last week she loved it: ages & stages, as my mother says:

 The park was super crowded with the Butterfly Jungle and we actually waited for the tram over 45 minutes!!! We've never waited for the tram, couple this with a newly potty-trained Mads, a Mama who forgot the packed lunch and snack bag on the kitchen counter and you get for not the most enjoyable day, but...the girls did great despite my hiccups:

 Because I love the man so darn much, I always stop by the station on the way home. G didn't quite stay awake:
 and Sleeping Beauty woke to a kiss from her knight in shining armor:
We hung out with Tim a little bit and then headed home. Thankfully, seeing him makes getting through the days a little easier (wow, do I sound like an addict or what). Yes, you can pray for me since you now see my life's idol.
Love, Lauren

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