Saturday, June 16, 2012

April 2012- Part 1

The wind merited a trip to the park with our new hawk kite. Unfortunately, this hawk did not fly as well as those that frequent our backyard. With a design flaw, we couldn't even get little red to stay in the sky. Guess he's not ready for release...he'll be returning to Costco for rehabilitation. Meanwhile, two other men showed up with kites that flew beautifully, giving Tim every excuse in the world to grumble. Ha ha.

 I prayed for a blue-eyed baby:
God said:
 "comin' atcha":

"I'll catch you Gracie"

Where we take our dogs when they need a good run:

we love Temecula:

Mid April brought the first Canna flower:

 and the first day warm enough to bathe some beauties:

and, of course, these two make every day just a little more fun:

Love, Lauren

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