Saturday, June 16, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

In April, we all fell a little under the weather. Mads & G were just a little crabby and wanted to sleep. Tim was sick one week and then I came down with death in a dust mite: strep. I thought I was being a little overdramatic when I told my husband that I thought the body aches were worse than natural delivery of our two children, but then my sister-in-love said the exact thing and I felt a little justified. Tim took time off to take care of the kids and let me sleep it off for FOUR WHOLE DAYS! Nuts. Tim had to return to work, so my mom came over to help me out and I dragged myself out of bed to take the girls to our association's Easter Egg hunt. But, Mama waited too long and by the time we got there, they were packing it up. The event coordinator was so sweet to lay out some extra eggs just for my girls. What a blessing!

G money honey bunny:
 How cute is this  child!?!?
 And her sister is pretty awesome too; lots of hunting and perfect for little ones:
 Sweet sister carried both baskets-praise Jesus for servant hearts:
 After my rally, I came home and crashed, calling over my other mother. (I know I am more than blessed!). She came over to dye the eggs I had boiled for the girls. While I slept upstairs, the girls enjoyed a Easter treat with their Grammi.

Love, Lauren

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