Friday, February 21, 2014

Luke is One !!!

Yes! I used three exclamation points to emphasize just how astounding it is that our baby is ONE!

This little sweet, handsome boy enjoyed a simple "cars" themed birthday. Tim was extremely excited to bring down all his die-cast cars and set them up all over the house. We had Hot Wheels everywhere and I think it was particularly fun for him to have a "boy" birthday party.

Luke samples the Hot Wheels confetti:

We choose to dedicate our children on their 1st birthday in front of family and friends who might actually be in our life for a long enough time to call us out and encourage us in the parenting department. Tim reads Luke's dedication and we had the two grandpas pray over him and us.
It's not easy turning ONE. Everyone wants you to smile and laugh. As with most of life so far, Luke was kickback, relaxed and having fun.

A special bond: the only son of an only son of an only son. Happy Tim has a little man to balance out the estrogen in the house. 

Cake by Lauren. Micro Machines by Tim.

 With Nani: a year earlier, she was much surprised to hear the words "He's out!" from around the corner of our bathroom wall. So happy she's been able to attend all 3 of our children's births.

 Yum, homemade chocolate devil's food. I let my kids eat real cake on their birthday.
It's their birthday for crying out loud!

This is how he kisses: sloppy and sweet. I am in love with my little sonshine.
Happy Birthday Bukey.

Love, Lauren 

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