Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All About Baby lately- Update #6

Proud Mama:

@ 33 weeks

I have two more days at work, and then I am home free. (I should get paid for my material)
Seriously though, this week 33 pic will give all of you preggo ladies out there some hope: yes, you will grow to the size of a small narwhale, don't fret. I can't believe that I will continue to grow for 7 more weeks- how is that even possible? I'm ready to be done at work, my sciatic is starting to flare up and my nerves are a little on-edge with the sophomores. Thank God that He blessed me with a great job that gives sick days and pregnancy disability. I am very joyful and thankful! Many people are surprised that I am choosing to leave a tenured position at a good school teaching Advanced English 10 and Photojournalism, but I just don't think they understand what a wonderful opportunity in advancement I am taking. We have so much to be grateful to God for, only He has allowed our family the benefit of a full-time mother for our baby, and a full-time wife for Tim. I will never regret "sacrificing" my career for the sake of my family. 

While I have 7 weeks to go, my friend Erin Thomas decided to shortcut her pregnancy and gave birth to her baby boy on Tuesday! Baby boy decided to arrive a few weeks early and is now doing well. We are praying for continued strengthening and recovery for baby and Mom. You can see her (rather, Dave's) post here.

In other baby news, we decided to baby-sit a friend's 10 month old on Tuesday. I figured it would be good practice for being pregnant with baby #2. Kelsey is a generally happy and smiley and "easy" baby. She has a great temperament and was no trouble to watch. We took Kelsey on a walk, we didn't really have any blankets, so we wrapped her in a towel. It looked like I was pushing an E-wok.
We went down to the park and she watched the pups play. 
She wasn't too keen on them, but kinda warmed to them as the night went on. While Tim made dinner, I read her a book. We changed her, tried to feed her and Tim got her opinion on the safe we should buy from Costco as he held her on his lap. Tim is great with kids, and I really have to thank Kim and the Starrs in some way for having kids on which Tim could practice. I, on the other hand, am so scared now! While Tim is making up songs, talking all goofy and generally enthralling Kelsey, I am wracking my brain to entertain her. I asked her if she's read MacBeth, or what she thought about the symbolism in the Lord of the Flies. She was not amused by me. I just kinda bounced her and said, "Hi, baby" again and again. Tim made her very happy, I just bored her. Now I have no idea what I'm going to do with our baby, and what will I do when Tim is at work and I have to be silly? I'm not silly, I'm serious. I'm seriously serious about the severity of my insecurity! I hope when Bump! comes, I'll have more to say than just, "Hi baby"...
Love, Lauren


Shar said...

A baby of your own has the remarkable ability to turn you into a sappy character. You will sing, make faces, dance around and generally become a fool for her! Trust me, I know.

Alison said...

You look so great! I was nervous when Boston came too. I was never around little babies and didn't know what to do. But your child has the ability to melt you and those womanly instincts just kick in and yes you do become giddy and cheesy and silly. You will be what your baby needs! I'm so excited for you, especially since you will be home soon and not working!

Debbie said...

You look wonderful, Lauren!

It's true--you won't have a problem finding silly things to say. One thing I learned from someone was to sing to my kids, putting their name in the song. At the time, Evita had just come out so I used to sing "Don't cry for me, Jeffrey Thomas. The truth is I'll never leave you.." Well, you get the idea and you sing so beautifully.

Seriously, you won't be able to STOP talking to your baby...take my word for it!

Anonymous said...

Aw! You will gain the instinct of how to make a baby smile. I'm sure she will love you no matter what. And by the way, I think you are hilarious. :) Trust me, I think you can be silly if you wanted to. :) All will go well.

Erin said...

You'll have lots to say to your baby girl, I promise!! You and TIm are going to be wonderful parents and you will do great with delivery!! I will update the blog soon with Ewan's birth story and lots and lots of pics. So glad you are done with teaching and can now enjoy the rest of your pregnancy without the stresses of teaching. Thank you both for your continued prayers! We are just thankful for a healthy, happy baby and to finally be home. God is so good!!

Rose Starr said...

Oh I am so excited for you and Tim!!! Yes, bringing home your baby might be weird at was for me. I just looked at Hope and, I'm a mom! What worked best for me (and now I know from reading that it's one of the best things you can do) is to talk to Hope all day long. It was not very exciting, but I'd just say things like, "Ok, it's time to check your diaper. Oh, you need a new diaper! I'm going to take off your jammies and change you." I'd just narrate life to her and now she talks almost non stop!

I'm hoping to make it out this summer to see all the new babies!!!

Glad Tim got some "practice" with our kiddos. They sure miss Uncle Tim :)

Alison said...

So who is your chiropractor? I am having bad sciatic nerve pain already and need to do something!