Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Bump! Update # 5

Does anyone else thing that Blogger is crappy? If you use a better
host, let me know. I have been trying to post
an update for about a month now,
but it won't upload my photos. (oh and my post is all weirdly spaced because Blogger was allowing it to go off the page...) Anyways.
Even this update is late, for I am closer to
33 weeks (Monday, 4/6).
The pregnancy is going great. Bump!'s head is
down, though she has not dropped. I am feeling good;
I am visiting my chiro for any sciatic issues.
I am also exercising by walking 3 miles about 4
times a week and doing all those pelvic rocks,
squats and tailor sitting.
We are almost done with our Bradley classes
and my first shower is April 9th! I am very excited
at all this anticipation and building toward D-day.
I thought we had a name picked, but now I am second-guessing
it and Tim won't commit to a name- he says it's rude
to tell people, "Yes, we have a name, but we're
not telling YOU", when he says this he makes
his eyes bug out and points to emphasize the exclusion factor.
I go back to work for one more week on Monday.
I have also finished grading my last essays
(well, I will finish sometime today).
I will NOT miss those things.
A warning to all wanna-be teachers
out there: don't choose English.
We have actually done many excursions
that I have not yet posted about,
but those will come when Blogger stops being crappy.
For now, enjoy!

Me, Tim & Bump! @ 31 weeks

Love, Lauren


Rose Starr said...

Great update Lauren. Weird about blogger...I haven't had any problems. Do you use Safari? I've found that using Safari (on my you use a Mac?) doesn't work as well as using Firefox.

Also, make sure your file size of your pics is not too big...that could slow things down.

You look great!!! Tim's one blessed man to have such a beautiful preggo wife :) We're so excited for you both and really hope we make it out to CA this summer (or this year for that matter) to see you guys. Good job on taking care of yourself :)

Alison said...

You look fantastic!!! Thanks for the pelvic rock (?) tip; I will look into it! Although, I still pee a lot when I'm not pregnant so I may just be a peeing kind of girl :)! Glad you are doing well and you are almost to the end; time flies! Yeah for your upcoming maternity leave!!