Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Update # 4

This morning at around 5 am, I awoke to a rhythmic "bomp" on my right side. It lasted 5 minutes or so and I could not figure out what it was she was doing, as I groggily stood in the bathroom, I realized Bump had hiccups. Very cute.
@ 27 weeks

3rd trimester here we come =)  
Love, Lauren


Alison said...

You look so cute! Hiccups are fun too!

Shar said...

Hi Sweetie! You look adorable! Jared wondered what it would be like if you and bump had hiccups at the same time. Love the carpet, maybe I'll see it in person soon ;)
Love, love, Mom

speckley said...

Looking good, mama!

Emily said...

I LOVE HICCUPS! Except when your in the middle of a movie...that's when its a little annoying, we pregnant ladies need to get together before we are no longer pregnant :)

Sarah Elwer said...

i love hiccups too! but trust me they are so much cuter in person! :)