Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two Weeks & Happy Birthday Mom

I have been tracking with Weight Watchers (WW) for two weeks now, and believe it, or not, I have lost 5.2lbs. I have also run 20+ miles a week for three weeks. That makes a total of 7 weeks running. It's been tough, running with the puppies is difficult, and I still don't think my body is taking to the 5:40-6:00am run times I've been keeping, but I know it's what I must do in order to get the runs done. Even this morning, Sima laid out by the pool and wouldn't look at me. When I said, "Sima, let's go for a run", she still ignored me. I had to drag her most of the run. Now that is a sad day when a slow runner like me is having to slow down for her dog! I think, tomorrow, I will just take Roscoe- in order to give Sima-girl a break. 

Birthday Girl:

Today is my Mom's birthday. She is my best friend and the most lovely woman I know. She cares deeply and compassionately for others. She is a godly woman who is prayerful and loving. I can't thank God enough for her in my life. She truly offers grace in my life in so many ways. To celebrate her birthday, we went with my Aunt Sally and Katie Doo-wah to Original Pancake House for breakfast (I had pumpkin pancakes-yum!). After that, the girls had their toes done. ( I had recently gone with Kim & Lori). After that, we ran some errands at the mall. My family (minus Alex, who is in Panama) took Mom to Guadalajara and then for dessert at Golden Spoon (I'm slowly getting my family hooked!). Tomorrow we celebrate with more family doing the ubiquitous bbq and swim at my 'rents house. 
Happy Birthday Mom, and many happy returns!
Love, Lauren

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Shar said...

Precious daughter, I am humbled by your words. God is amazing and so merciful, to think He would use me is incomprehensible! I am blessed beyond measure to have you for my daughter, I treasure you, enjoy your friendship, and love you dearly!