Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy Baby Boom

I know it has to be the age I am at, but I just had to post on how amazingly explosive the baby-making is getting around here. Here is a list from fabulous friends to slight acquaintances who have recently delivered or announced a pregnancy:

Sarah M. (delivered August 8)
Coley D. (delivered September 15)
Patricia M (delivered September 11)
Julie B. (delivered October)
Meredith L. (delivered October 15)
Allison (due October 25)
Me (due November 4)
Joey S. (due November 5)
Christina K. (due November 23)
Rachael S. (due November 25)
Mary M. (due November 28)
Joyy L. (due December)
Renee W. (due January 2011)
Katrina L. (due March 2011)
Alison B. (due April 2011)
Kari M. (due April 2011)
Regina (due APril 2011)
Lauren D. (due April 2011)
Erin T. (due June 2011)
Jenny G.(due June 2011)
Elizabeth M. (due June 2011)
Korina A.
Courtney C.
Nicole S.

I wonder who else will be added to this list...
Love, Lauren


Erin said...

WOW! That is a baby explosion!

Anonymous said...

Jenny G. as in Jenny Gumbert???? I had no idea!

Ali said...

we certainly are popping them out!!

and my word verification is "creeper"...weird haha

Bergon Family said...

Since writing this post, I totally forgot to include two other people with whom I interacted, but forgot they were pregnant!