Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Me?


micah and erica said...

Seriously, do not dye your hair if you are not covering grey. If you are trying to do something about grey then have at it.

Color is so much maintenance! Unless you do something really close to your natural color you will have to have it done close to every 6 weeks, which is great for your stylist if you have the money :) but annoying as a mommy to have to find the time (and money) for that often.

The best reason to leave it alone is that your hair is a really pretty color now :) You have kind of subtle natural highlights that you would cover and flatten with one dye job.

I think cutting it would be really fun! I love short curly hair :)

Unknown said...

New year, New look! Because We definitely do not want a new lauren because you are so wonderful the way you are.

I am always a fan of long hair but I haven't been a mom therefore I do not really know how hard it is to maintain...haha If you are itching to have fun with your hair you can start with something subtle in the color department that is low maintenance. That way you for surely wouldn't have to get touch ups every 6 weeks. I have never done that I usually always go about 4-6 months off of one color because it is usually close to my natural color so it blends pretty well...

Layers might look super cute on this new momma though! Find some cute style inspitarations in magazines :)

Love you a ton! Obviously you are like the most gorgeous person ever anyways but if you want to have fun with your hair I say go with it!

Love, Lauren said...

this is fun! 10 people have voted so far.

"go darker,not black, but close to it" and "Grow it out" are in the lead!

I created this survey in 2 minutes on googledocs

erica- good things to think about, especially coming from you miss stylist.

delaney- you are too sweet. you'll definitely be one of the first to know what happens =)