Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MJ & Lil G: January

Madeleine (19 months) & Gracen (1 month) welcomed 2011 by hanging out at Nani & Popi's house and then going to bed around 8pm. As I think back, I don't remember that much. I do know that Tim was working that night and I was probably getting up to nurse every 3 hours or so. At this point in time, late May, I can't remember what happened in January, so I will let the pictures do the talking.
Gracen November 1 month:

in the monkey towel sent from Christina & Walter:
dada love is mutual:
she is gorgeous, but if I didn't carry her, I would think she isn't my baby- so white! She looks So much like Tim's dad to me (but if his dad was a really cute baby girl):
Madeleine couldn't be a better big sister, her sweetness persists into toddlerdom:

Dada, Squishy & Goo:
Madeleine grew some seeds in cotton in CBS class, the grass was getting long & scraggly- I was also getting tired of having it on my windowsill. So, we took a picture and tossed it. I know, as moms we want to save everything our kids make (I've started boxes for each girl) but at some point, you just gotta take a picture and move on:
reading in pink jammies on Mam & Dada's bed is so fun:
unlike Madeleine, who I tried to keep from messing up her mouth, I helped Gracen find her thumb early on to self-soothe- she just wouldn't take a pacifier (nothing to keep clean anyway):
I've got to catch up again before I get too far behind. I don't know how all you super-mommies blog so much more frequently, but good for you =)
Love, Lauren ♥

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Delaney said...

I always love to see your girls :) you guys make some pretty babies!