Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mr & Mrs Valencia

January 4th, my brother was married to a beautiful lady that I now call my "sister"! We were all in the wedding, except Luke. My mother-in-love and sister-in-love (Lori, not Leigh) took care of him all day so we could be part of the festivities. Going off Facebook at the start of the year has made it difficult to obtain photos! It's a little crazy how easy Facebook made connecting with people in a convenient, albeit creeper-ish way, so I do admit that I actually had to sneak onto my husband's account and snag some of the photos. Ha! So, enjoy!

Photo: Robin Ruckel Curby

This is so cute! My husband is so beautiful, look at the way he is welcoming Leigh into the family with a nice arm around the back. He is the ideal man. Oh, and the baby and the bride are nice too! =)

The girls changed into a little more playful clothes to dance and twirl on the floor.

Photo booth!

Tim was like, "Was that a bug?" Yes, Tim, the race is on to make a bug. HA HA!

Off to married life!

 Congratulations! You both look amazing, but of course, what happened is more amazing: two lives joined as one for the purpose of God's glory. Enjoy all the pleasures that marriage brings.

Love, Lauren

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Sarah said...

Beautiful day! I was able to see some of these on your mom's Facebook, but I love your commentary with them. Congrats on your new family member!