Wednesday, May 14, 2014

April 2014

Our family went to Lake Skinner to celebrate Tim's birthday. It was hot the first day, but cooled significantly the next day, even so…we enjoyed a totally empty splash pad, which was actually a little eerie. The clouds settled in the morning and we took a long walk/ride to the lake dock. 

 Tim brought our bikes and he towed the girls around the lovely green campground the first day.

"Cheese princess." That's how G likes to say "cheese" for the camera. 

Just one night out there and yet, SO MUCH STUFF!

The nxt day we took in the Splash Pad which was deserted. 

My oh-so-yummy-sonny and equally yummy-honey:

Luke is getting to be a big boy--too big--he's turning into a "kid" more and more each day and I am sad to say that I really don't want him to grow up any more. I was recently buying a few shirts for him and realized that I was needing to shop in the "toddler" section and my gut-reaction was, "Luke's not a toddler!" but I guess he is, since he's actually toddling everywhere. How can my son, my little baby, be into 18 month clothing already? He's just a little guy! I could just snuggle him all day and I love holding him. He's still nursing--our longest stint so far amongst the three- and he just lights up the room wherever he goes. 
He has also taken to reading with the girls at night, though he might need to re-think his placement if he actually wants to HEAR any of the story. 

Tim turned another year older and wiser this year. He asked for a cherry chip cake with cherry frosting. Admittedly, it was the girliest cake he's ever received, but I had a new Wilton cake decorating tip and had seen a youtube video on making flowers, so what's a wife to do? It was delicious regardless of the overly feminine grandeur. 

These ladies are best friends and are having quite some fun in their pretend play. Imaginations and stories and scenarios run wild in our home and most days they just can't get enough of the other. I'm so blessed and joyful that having close sisters is going far better than I could have hoped. I really adore these two and their love for each other (and their "baby brudder").

We made a trip to the OC for some new contacts for me, and ended up making a day of it which included the beach. Everyone had a wonderful time and the girls loved dancing and splashing.

We ended the night with a little ferry ride across to Balboa Island. I love G's face and point:

Our Madeleine had a strange bout with a virus. She woke up sick and proceeded to stay sick with no eating, no bowl movement and no fever for three days. When Tim came home after his 72 hrs away, we took her to an urgent care where she immediately reveled in all the attention and perked up, playing the pleasing princess and smiling and being sweet to everyone. Due to her lack of fever, it was a difficult virus for us to diagnose, the fact that no one else was sick and her inability to keep anything down (even water) led us to take some aggressive action in regards to an x-ray and her first encounter with a needle! She was not a fan of the blood draw. She rebounded quickly enough to go to Legoland a few days later. 

This little man spends a little too much time in the high chair. It kinda happens that way when you're the third child and you're prone to getting into things when Mama is distracted with others or has a task to do (like make your breakfast, lunch or dinner). Sometimes he gets a little bored:

And finally, everyone strike your best pose! Ha ha, my girls are good at the chin tuck. 
And that was most of our April, save Legoland which I'll post on it's own another day.
Love, Lauren

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