Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Madeleine ~*5*~

It's Throwback Thursday, and it's time to remember the day we became Mama and Dada to our sweet little lady. First-time mamas…it takes a long time to move an 8 lb baby our your body, but I was not prepared for 36 hours of labor stretching over two days. Madeleine arrived after 4 hours of pushing, which accounts for her terrific cone head. As a third-timer and as one looking forward to helping other women deliver their babies, there is an enormity to motherhood. Sometimes both the awe-inducing wonder and the crushing weight of it combine to obliterate all sense of what I knew about myself. But that same power then speedily retracts all those bits back together and I'm more myself than I ever knew possible. It is amazing. And Madeleine is amazing too. So thankful to have her, and all my babies, those with me, and those yet to come. Madeleine Jael, born at home 7:39pm 7 lbs 15.5 oz 21in.

First birthday at our home where she was born: Bergon Bungalow. We did a huge pool party with ocean-theme. Found a picture of my Gramacita in the mix and am so glad she was close enough to be at every event. I was already 4 months pregnant with Grace.

Year 2 was a Hello Kitty picnic at the park near our Chantilly home.

Year 3: a cat party at Bergon Palms. I was not even 1 month pregnant with Luke.

Year 4: A pool party at Valencia Villa

On the day of her 4th birthday at the Berry Farm 2013. It was here that Tim and I went to walk around in hopes of getting labor started. She was born the next day. We return around her birthday year after year just for fun. 
We love you Mads.

Love, Lauren

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