Monday, August 18, 2008

Can't Keep Up

Needless to say, we have been on vacation all summer! I can't even begin to keep up with what we are doing on this blog. Being the wife of Tim is more fabulous than anything I have ever done or heard of or even thought of before. In the span of 9 married months we have been to Hawaii, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, hiked Mt. Shasta, Lake Mead, Lake Powell houseboating, a two-week roadtrip to Oregon and toured the Eastern Sierras. All of these trips are stories and stories within themselves. We're bursting with travel adventures and love! It's insanely amazing!!! Now we are preparing for another great adventure: work. Tim and I have been talking more about being better citizens at work. I suppose this is the best thing to do since we're still sans baby and falling apart into tears (mostly on my part) about returning to the working world is just not beneficial for anyone. Therefore, back to routine. Yet, in that routine, I hope to find more time to write. For now, the first day back to school was long. I'm working 6/5ths to bring in some extra money but it makes for a tiring day. I currently have 208 students and about 130 of them will write 4 essays this semester. I simply cannot drudge up the motivation or energy to pour myself into work. I believe people who are able to work wholeheartedly are either stupid or have a bad marriage. There is no way in the world I would devote any more time than is necessary to work because it takes me away from my Tim. I pray God will bless us with a baby, but now that I've started work, I suppose I'll have to finish this year out. More on our adventures soon...maybe.
Love, Lauren

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desistarr said...

I look forward to your writing Lauren. I so wish we lived are a blessing to me in many ways.

Thanks for encouraging me with this post...I've been allowing negative thoughts get cozy in my mind about my husband which causes distance...not good! I hate feeling this way and know much of my life is a choice of how I will react.

Your thoughts were as beautiful as you are! I'm so happy for you and Tim both...what adventures you've had :D God knew you'd be such a wonderful fit for Tim.

Praying you and Tim find the strength to hunker down for work this year...knowing it is but a season in life before little ones come along! (In which case is another season of work that does not pay in cash, but in other dividends :)
~Rose Starr