Saturday, December 6, 2008

More dating: Cabo San Lucas

My beau and I really didn't waste any time, we only dated for 
3 months, and in that time we made some great memories. One
 of them that stands out for me is the time that my parents invited 
me to Cabo San Lucas with them to a beautiful beach front resort. 
Since it was summer, I decided to go to Pueblo Bonito with them 
and get some good R&R. The only problem was that meant leaving
 Tim behind. He couldn't get work off and we parted ways for a 
whole week. It was torture! I was reading, sleeping in, e-mailing 
my beau daily and generally missing him, though trying not to let 
anyone know that I was unable to REALLY enjoy the wonders of the
 resort without Tim by my side. And since I'm not really that great 
at hiding my emotions, I think everyone knew. We were about 4 
days into the trip and I was in the plaza with lovely splashing 
fountains and cobblestone everywhere just typing away on the internet
 when I had to use the restroom. I slipped in quickly, did my thing and
 as I was exiting el bano I was completely taken aback to see Tim 
coming into the courtyard. It was so surprising that I didn't believe it 
and must have been scared that I was hallucinating because I kinda 
scurried behind a wall out of view. He saw me and I stepped out 
quickly and we embraced. I couldn't believe that he had totally 
rearranged his schedule, taken trades and fly down to Mexico just
 to be with me! We celebrated that night at dinner with my family and 
Tim was able to enjoy all the beauty of the resort (and I could now do 
the same). We went to Todos Santos and enjoyed margaritas and mole
 enchiladas, we walked on the beach, and took pictures at the "sunset 
pool" at the very top of the resort. It was fabulous, and I'll never forget 
how wonderful and a little unbelievable it was for him to come to be 
with me.
Love, Lauren 

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