Thursday, January 1, 2009

Baby Update #2

Love, Lauren
Here's a little baby update for everyone who has been tracking the pregnancy and is curious to find out what's going on.
1. How do you feel? Everyone asks me this! Thanks for your concern; I still feel great, even better now that I'm almost 7 weeks through the second trimester and I have regained some of that lost energy. I'm increasing weight-wise and will probably have a net of 7-8 lbs. gain over the last 20 weeks. I'm definitely showing and seem to be rounding out a little more every day. I am half-way through the pregnancy on Monday, Jan. 5th!!!

2. Do you know what the gender is yet? Yes! We went into New Life sonogram center on Wednesday and decided to just get a peek through the regular 2D system, but when the technician told us that we had a good amount of fluid, we decided to switch to the 3D version. The technician put the device on my stomach and said, "Well, I can tell you right away what you are having". You can look at the pics to find out. Baby was moving all around and squirming every which way for the picture show and Tim commented that our baby is active, just like me.

3. Have you felt the baby move? Yes, I've been feeling the baby move for about 4 weeks now. At first it was the characteristic fluttering, but it's been kicks and I even tried to feel the movement on the outside one night, and I could. Right before Christmas I sat still for my mom to try and feel, and she was able to feel the light kicks too. Tim tries, but our baby is rebellious- even in utero.

4. How is Tim doing? He's really excited about knowing what we're having. He's reading The Husband Coached Birth by Dr. Bradley and is having to work harder than ever before around the house as he has asked me to not do any heavy lifting. He's watching how I sleep in order to help me labor restfully and he's dong a great job convincing me that I am really beautiful, and he loves the fun of having a baby.

5. Can I rub your belly now? Now that my stomach is hardening with growing uterus, I'm more than likely okay with buddah rubs but please just ask first.

6. PS. A shout-out to all my other friends who are now pregnant- Erica & Emily- hope you enjoy the ride =) 


Rose Starr said...

Congrats on having a GIRL!!! We are so excited for you and Tim. Praying the 2nd half goes even better than the first. Happy New Year!!!

Erin said...

I knew you were having a girl! Congratulations!I know you too are very happy :O) Can't wait to see baby bump pics :O)

micah and erica said...

So excited for you! You will be an amazing mom to that little girl :)
Thanks for thinking about me, it's very sweet. I can't wait to be done with the first trimester. It has been incredibly difficult for me so far. I generally feel ok in the afternoon but still very sick in the morning and recently started getting sick at night.
It does make me feel better to know that there are actually girls out there who feel good with a baby growing inside them. Thanks for the update.

TheNattyB said...

wow! let me just say i am so excited for you guys! your daughter is going to grow up in a wonderful enviorment. cant wait to see the belly pics!

speckley said...

A little girl -- how exciting! I remember when you were young and wanted a "Baby Alive" doll. Now you're going to have a real live baby! I'm sure she'll be a doll. You and Tim will be great parents. Hang on for the ride!

Lots of love,
Aunt Diane