Saturday, November 7, 2009

Madeleine's fourth month

Life for Madeleine became much more exciting and interesting this month. Along with laughing out loud and "singing" with Mama & Dada when they sing, Madeleine successfully learned how to roll-over, jump in the jolly-jump, sit assisted by the Boppy, is working to produce her first tooth and can now sleep through the night =). In the month of October we attended Joyy Gritten's wedding as she joined in marriage with Sonny Lopez. We also visited the Peltzer Pumpkin Farm with the Fish family. Mama also went back to Weight Watchers this month and is working to get back to goal weight. Dada went on a strike team during the first week of the month leaving mama and baby lots of time to play. Dada and Mama also thought the cooling weather would be perfect for replanting the yard. A few days and some 4 bags of wood bark later the front planters and backyard are being reshaped. With a soon-crawling baby, we are preparing for our future of a pool fence; Daddy is spending lots of time considering re-landscaping for safety. We will probably pull out most of the back planters to concrete them. It will make a nice deck to have behind the spa and create more of a gazebo area when kids are in the pool. (I'll post pics next month that will explain better). MJ dressed as a lion for Halloween to match Mommy's "Dorothy" costume- even Daddy brought out his costume! I am so enjoying this season of life and I can't wait to share November with MJ. She is a joyful, easy baby who is an utter blessing to our family. We have much to be thankful for, and we thank God on high who allowed us to create her with His help.

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