Friday, January 1, 2010

Thou Art Worthy...and Coming Soon.

Happy New Year!! Wow, 2010. For some reason, I have been attaching great meaning to this change, a move into a new year and a new decade. I don't know why, but this year is ripe with possibilities and great joy. I enjoyed reading Rose's post about her decade, and I also wanted to reflect on this past year. The first reflection is that I actually finished reading through the entire Bible! I posted a while ago that I was ashamed to have never done this, even though I claim Jesus as my Savior and try to follow his word. Now I am boasting in the Lord that I actually have read through his word in full. I have used Bruce Wilkinson's Your Daily Walk as a devotional study to guide me through the Bible chronologically. As I finished Revelation, the book pointed out the connection between the end of God's word and the beginning. I was very excited to see that both Genesis and Revelation start with a marriage. Adam and Eve represent a shadow of Christ and his bride, coming down out of heaven. In Genesis, Adam is created in God's image, but after the fall, his children are created in his image: the sin nature is present in all men because of Adam's choice to disregard God's plan. This fall brings about pain, tears, curses on the Earth and separation from God. In Revelation, God removes all pain, wipes away every tear, dismisses the curse and comes to live among His people on a new Earth forever.
I was joyful, elated and emotional to see a resolution and desire fulfilled. I was also encouraged to start again, back at Genesis 1 and glean even more from His word. Since CBS is studying Genesis this year (we are in chapter 14), it is also a great refresher for the study I have completed since September. The book encouraged me to find others who wanted to walk with me through the word, and that is just what I encourage you reader to do. Today's reading is Genesis 1-2; prayerfully consider if God is guiding you to read through His word this year. I am so happy that I have found someone who will do this with me already ;)

As I finished Revelation, I was also reminded of how many times the elders and the creatures and all the people of heaven sing to the Lamb that he is worthy. He is worthy of all our praise- of everyone's praise. One day he will have it. But sometimes I get distracted in beliveing that day is distant- possibly not even in my lifetime. John, the author, reminds us several times (in 1, 2 & 3 John too) that Jesus will come quickly and that he is on his way. 2 Peter attests to this saying that scoffers and mockers will say that Jesus hasn't come in a long, long time, so we should just continue to live however we want, but the apostles urge us to be prepared for his return. Jesus is the Christ, he IS worthy of all glory, and he is coming soon. He only delays to make sure that all he has called to be his children respond. Is he calling you to be his child? Don't flitter your time away trying to make a heaven for yourself here on Earth. There is a heaven, and it has a King- and he will come to gather his true children unto himself. Bow your knee now in humble loving submission to him for he will reign over all.

As I look back on 2009, there are some significant events that occurred for me and I would like to thank God for them:

Celebrating our second anniversary.
Gaining 36 lbs.
Giving birth to Madeleine.
Losing 37 lbs. =)
Joining CBS and studying God's word in-depth.
Finishing my credential courses.
Selling my house.
Attending our church regularly.
Quitting work.
Paying off debts.
Growing in my relationships with Tim and my mom.
Being a full-time Mama to MJ.

I so look forward to this next year, I can't wait to see what the Lord has for us. And I want in the fore-front of my mind the truth that God is worthy- of our all, and He is coming soon.
Love, Lauren


Shar said...

Stopped at Berean to pick up the Daily Walk, but they don't carry it :( So I'm going to order it. I will join you in reading through the Bible this year! XOXOXO, Mom

Love, Lauren said...

Yay! That makes 4 people!!!
We picked up the last copy at B&N today for Tim.