Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Madeleine's fifth month- November

Holy cow- did I not do a posting for month 5?
Okay, I better get on that =)
In November we were very busy! Not only did we celebrate two years of marriage (11-11), but I also turned 29 and we celebrated Thanksgiving, of course.
Madeleine started on solids this month and she had her first taste of sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving. She also managed to cut her first tooth only 1 day shy of 6 months. It made for a very long drive out to Phoenix! Yes, Madeleine visited Auntie Kim and cousins David, Daniel, Hannah & Matthew during November. Hannah loved holding her, and Madeleine loved being held! Hannah babysat almost all day and I wondered if I even had a baby anymore, she was always in someone's arms =). It was a nice reprieve for me, but I did get to missing her often.
She also spent her first night away from us! (gasp!) It was very hard for me to enjoy it, but Tim and I actually spent a night away (locally) and my mom put MJ down for the night at our house and spent the night in our home so MJ could sleep in her own crib. My mom says she was a perfect angel (which comes as no surprise- she is a very easy-going baby) and we had a wonderful night out together. Since Tim worked Thanksgiving (again), I asked that our celebration take place on the 25th; it also happened to be my birthday. We had a delectable ham dinner prepared by my mom and Jared. The food was amazing and I was able to try some white asparagus that my Aunt Sally brought. We also cracked into some of Jared's wine "pantry" (he doesn't have a cellar yet) and the local Rancho Andalusia was awesome. We opened some gifts, and Jared played his guitar at my request. We then had spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting- one of my favorite combos. Tim came home the next day and kindly helped me pull all the Christmas decorations down from the attic, he also helped me put up our enormous tree ( a gift from the Lindsays) and on Monday I did some cyber-Monday online shopping =)

Enjoy the pictures =)
Love, Lauren

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