Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pizza Night!

This actually happened on December 31, 2009, but I am trying to get some stuffed blogged here, and timelines just aren't working anymore.
Tim decided it would be fun to make our own pizzas; I agreed!
So we set out for Trader Joe's where we bought dough, tomato paste/sauce, and toppings.
Our pizzas were very unique and personal and they both turned out fabulous (Tim rolls dough better than I do though!)
Tim chose mozzarella with mushrooms and olives on white crust.
I chose mozzarella with crab meat, spinach and feta on whole wheat.

Here are some pics:
Tim rolls out his dough:
He makes a pretty good round:

My pizza is more, form! (yea, that sounds good.)
Mommy & baby watch Daddy:

Daddy serves us a slice and Mommy enjoys TJ's festive ale!

Love, Lauren

1 comment:

Keegan Rae said...

Your "free form" pizza looks like a rocket ship.

Or a sun fish.