Monday, March 22, 2010


Yup...I'm busy bakin' baby #2.

We are thrilled! Due November 7th-16th.


Erin said...

:O) I had a feeling you were preggo! I even mentioned it to Dave just the other day.

Congratulations to you and Tim, how exciting that Madeleine is going to be a big sis.

How are you feeling?

~ E

Bergon Family said...

I am actually worried that I have no symptoms other than absence of menstruation! Mads was an easy pregnancy. I only threw up at 12 weeks when we went on a tossed boat out to dive with sharks in Hawaii. I do feel "puffy". I feel like I'm showing already, but books say that is normal- even with the first one. Just trying to exercise and keep the weight even lower than the first one. I have a wedding in January- only 2 months after delivery month. I will be glad to make it to that 12 week mark- maybe just a psychological safety. Praising God for this baby and what will happen for His glory. I'm so excited!!! I can't believe I would be this ecstatic again. It's almost better than the first cause I have a little experience under my belt. Yay!
Are you planning a party for Ewan?