Friday, April 30, 2010

Too Much To Tell

I usually read everyone else's blog and then stew about how I can't seem to get one or two done; so, tonight I'm forgetting pictures and stuff and just doing a big 'ol sloppy update.
#1: I am sad that I didn't keep up with the Through The Bible posts I was doing, but it got to be more than I could handle. I think I would like to do posts on each BOOK, not each day. Anyways, I AM still reading through the Bible (though I am a teensy bit behind) and am enjoying a side study on the Holy Spirit.
#2: I know I need to catch up Mads' monthly posts. Can't believe I just sent out her b-day invites today for year 1 !!! Where does the time go?
#3: I am currently contemplating delivering in a hospital. Home birth is expensive and all out of pocket, so we are praying for God's direction on this issue.
#4: Speaking of baby, Peanut is doing great. We saw him/her on the dating ultrasound and there was a full baby and a heartbeat. Tech said I was measuring farther along than we thought...not sure how they do that...I had a physical exam with a nurse/midwife at Kaiser today and she spent a LONG time with me talking and sharing stories. It was really unexpected and surprisingly pleasant. She said that the techs are accurate to about 3 days, so she confirmed that an earlier due date (November 4th) might be accurate. I don't know how that is all possible, since I know what days we could have conceived, but we'll see what Peanut decides to do. Just please not on November 11!!! I have also been feeling baby move for about a week, but was unsure because all the books/websites say as early as 16 weeks for 2nd timers. But again, today at the doppler reading for the hearbeat, the midwife found the beat and I heard and felt a distinct kick towards the doppler. I am very familiar with this feeling because my previous midwife explained that the "thud" I would hear (and feel) was Madeleine kicking. This thud is very different from the "lub-dub" of the heart. The midwife today confirmed that I could be sensitive enough to feel Peanut kicking. so fun!!! As far as gender, Tim thinks it's a girl, the midwife inferred a boy, my dad and brothers think boy, and I am hoping (kinda) for boy. We've mostly hammered down a girl's first name (with a little compromise from both parties) but we haven't talked boy names yet. Maybe since we already have a girl, it's just easier to assume girl...idk. Anyways, I'm not opposed to sharing the names, but I'll have to ask Tim...if I ever see him. =)
Yes, lately Tim has been working every other day. It really stinks...for both of us. He wakes at 5:30am leaves by 6:00 and comes home the next day around 8:40am. Then he goes to bed around 10:00pm and wakes at 5:30 to leave at 6:00. Every other day =( How can I complain though? We have a job, and it is secure, and it is sustaining our family! We are blessed!!! Hopefully we can just get some solid time together for rest and recreation soon.

That is about it. I have stopped P90x. Yup, I pretty much just gave it up after 60 days of working out. Now I run with my dogs, and sometimes Vanessa, in the Meadowview meadow. It is really gorgeous out there with all the lavender and poppies blooming. I would like to start a book club with some friends, so if you are interested, let me know. Other than that, just keeping a clean(ish) house, doing CBS (love it!) and trying to stay warm (has anyone else been freezing cold for about 6 months now?)- I thought being pregnant would help...

More to come later...

Love, Lauren

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Rose Starr said...

Great update! Thanks for sharing :) Praying for you guys...I've had very lovely hospital births...if you go that way, it's not that bad! Blessings to you guys!