Friday, July 2, 2010

June Happenings

During the month of June, we have been very busy growing, organizing, painting, planting and enjoying some water fun. I don't really want to blog about every single event, but would like to highlight a few. Father's day, we enjoyed a party in the park organized by Tim's sister Lori. There was a bounce house for the kids (of which there were many!) and a BBQ. Lori invited her neighbors and we hung out and enjoyed tossing the football around too. I made Tim a Father's Day Ribbon which he sportingly wore to the park (but I didn't make him wear it to church =) Before Mads was born, we bought her this toddler monkey chair, and now she is actually able to use it! Time goes too fast...Tim was working a 48 when I decided to visit our friends the Thomas Family down in Carlsbad. We met at Tamarack Beach and they shared some sand toys with Madeleine. It was her first tim in the ocean and she really liked it. Ewan is a pro and he would have run all the way in had his parents not been so confining and demanding. He's a grown-up for crying out loud, let him live his life (of course, those who watch The Office will appreciate).

Mama and babies. Yup, closing out the fifth month pretty soon, and still feeling fine =)
On the way home, we grabbed In-N-Out for Dada and visited for a while. God blessed us by giving us some uninterrupted time, Tim didn't have any calls until we were getting ready to leave. Dada and baby snuggle time.
So cute!
The next day, Tim was forced to stay at work and ended up pulling a 72. I was exhausted, for my parents had gone to Lake Mead and usually I rely on my mom for a few hours when Tim is gone for so long. So, we broke out the fish pool. Because of Tim's inconsistent working schedule, it is hard to keep up on the lawns and the pool and still relax and have a family; therefore, I have taken on our in-ground pool as a project and I was not willing to put Madeleine in the in-ground pool yet since I had been trying to stabilize the chemicals and get it sparkly clean. Of course, all this cleanliness means chemicals in the pool. So, we blew up the fish and filled him with water. It made it easier on me to watch her in the fish as opposed to having to swim and hold her in our pool.

I can't wait to share about hanging two lamps and painting our bathroom, but I will reserve those for another post.
Love, Lauren

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