Monday, July 5, 2010

To the Zoo with you!

Even though he had to work for 72 hours before we went, Tim made it a priority for our family to get to the zoo. So, we loaded up after lunch and headed down to Balboa Park. I have no idea how this book got in our car, but Madeleine looks so cute reading it. I love that she picked it up off the seat and sat to look over it while we packed the car. I happened upon her "reading" and snapped up a cutie-pie pic. This girl is awesome!
It was overcast in San Diego, but it was nice because all the animals were out and not hiding from the sun.
Madeleine is working on saying "gorilla"; it sounds more like "Rilla?" because everything ends with a question mark when she speaks ("ball?") it's pretty cute. This guy was a good friend until Dada put her on eye level with him, then he got really scary. Tim told her it was alright and she seemed to be okay with him.
We didn't realize it (because you know how fast you have to move to get kids in action) but we should have posed Mads as the butterfly! Ha ha, oh well...Tim has now a butterfly and a lamb body to chose from for his Facebook profile pic!
You can kinda see her smiling while Dada helps to feed the goats.
We check out the "new" Elephant Encounter. Very cool! I hadn't been to the zoo since I was in middle school or younger.
Mama, Mads and Peanut with a Mammoth.
Madeleine did tire of being pushed around in the BOB, so we let her scoot around in an open area, much to her delight.
Tim also sang her the "Baby in a hood" song (which has many versions- my favorite being "Baby in a towel") and she just laughed as she tugged on her hood. It was cool enough to keep her in a sweatshirt all day.
She did conk out towards the end of our day, and looked like a little doll, asleep in her stroller.
We had a great time at the zoo. We saw lions, elephants, lots of birds, deer, and more. It seemed like there were quite a few animals out in the cool weather. We were also able to get passes for a discounted rate, and I am looking forward to going to the Wild Animal Park with my family. It works great because Mads and I can go down for a few hours, then stop by to see Tim while he is working. Of course, I think Tim and I will return on our own to explore the park more thoroughly on a date night.

Love, Lauren

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