Wednesday, August 3, 2011

W3: driving power

This is a changing weekly post, so I will just tell you that I am thinking about changing the title from Wise, Weird, Whatever to simply Weird. To claim that any of my ideas could be wise seems a little audacious and when I have a post like today's, it doesn't really fall into the titled theme. Therefore, I re-name this W3 to just Weird. It's the idea that in exposing my thoughts to you about this life, you'll feel better about your own weird thoughts because we all have them!

When I grew up and learned to drive, I really enjoyed and still enjoy driving. My parents bought me some excellent driving cars. My first was a little sparkly blue VW bug that was amazing. I reupholstered the interior to a black vinyl and grey velour and that thing was so fun to drive. After the little '70 bug was in a crash, my parents replaced it with a red convertible. Driving around in that car was a blast, I replaced the sound system and the convertible top (due to leaking) and loved being able to let my hair fly-literally. I bought my own car in 2004; it is my 2001 4Runner and I adore this vehicle too. It reflects that outdoorsy, functional SUV type that I morphed into after college. And I suppose that is what is so weird about these thoughts on driving and cars. I think that what you drive says a lot about you. For instance, if you drive a PT Cruiser, you're just lame-those are the silliest cars (except for it's even more class-less cousin, the HHR). I'm sorry, but you just can't come back from buying a Cruiser. If you choose a Toyota or Honda, you're willing put invest in something that is going to hold it's value. Going with a convertible? You've got a little wild streak. If I see you drive by in a Audi you're probably fairly cool. But a red Mercedes just screams LOOK AT MEEEEEE BOYS!!! (Because no man would ever rive a red Mercedes. See a Sion scream by, must be a young, but fairly trendy college kid. Obviously, mini-vans are mom's territory, but if you drive a Sienna or Odyssey, you still crave a little style versus someone who's rollin' in a Voyager or Sedona (sorry sis). Driving a Jeep Wrangler, a Range Rover or an FJ Cruiser that's never seen desert dirt than you might be a poser. Get that thing out on the rocks!!! The point is, I actually assume a lot about a person based on the car they drive. In the past, if I was looking for a cute boy, he was going to be driving a Subaru hatchback. That car just screams pacific northwest wanderlust. So, that is my Tim and I drive around, I am secretly categorizing people by the car they drive. Weird, but true. What do you think, does your choice in car reflect who you are?


Delaney said...

You are the cutest thing in the world! haha you had me smiling the whole post! You are very insightful. I agree with you on the cruiser thing :) I guess, I am looking into a good investment! I always do this with people too though and I am shocked somtimes when I pull up and look into the car and I was totally wrong. It totally throws me off :)

not weird, wise!

Rose Starr said...

I really hope people don't judge me by our one car: an old, beat up '94 Toyota Previa that was given to us! lol! I know people judge us by that old beater...and we are probably not too far off from their assumption that we are POOR! ha ha ha!

I too judge ppl by their cars which probably isn't very accurate in this economy?

Fun post :)

Bergon Family said...

Rose- the funny thing is, that as i started thinking about more kids and needing a minivan, i saw a indie looking kid drive by in a jelly bean previa from the 90s. i started thinking..."these things are kinda vintage cool now" no joke. hmmmm...previa or caravan?


Rose Starr said...

Hilarious! Well, they are rear wheel drive and can be fun to drive around :) We have a neighbor with a green one and he has over 350K miles on it and he wanted to buy ours! We have over 250K on it and are hoping for another 100K at least!!

Confession: When I was in high school that type of Previa first came out and I secretly wanted to one one someday!!! lol God loves to give gifts to us in funny ways...He knows the desires of our hearts.

Vintage cool. I'll go with that :)