Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 1-2

Happy August! Not really my favorite Back-to-School month (I think we'll go back in September when we homeschool-if we even take a break like the public school) and definitely a hotter (and muggier) month in Temecula. After linking through a few blogs (iheartorganizing.com to The Nesting Place to beautyandbedlam.com) I found some motivation to get back into exercise. I lost all Gracen's preggo weight and a little more, getting down to my lowest weight since my wedding around July 4th. But since then it's been pretty stressful for me lately and Minto Oreos have been my solace (which I say to my shame for I know Jesus:Phil 4:6 ) Regardless, it's a little too much mac'n cheese and little too less muscle. After reading this post: http://beautyandbedlam.com/the-30-day-shred/ I decided to cash in my coupon for free eggs at Target and pick up the video (under $10). Now, two days down...I'm feeling good about getting up and actually getting a workout in. There is something about doing my exercise that really makes me feel like whatever else I do that day is just icing on the cake (or dressing on the salad for me). Took measurements yesterday, no pics-might ask Tim to do that tomorrow. Anyways, it's muggy, it's yucky, but I'm committing to sweat it off. Oh, and the selling point: the workouts are 20 minutes long. Yup, no 55+minutes of P90X, I just don't have the time. So, we'll see what Jillian and I can do together this next month.

ps. Also at Target, I found these $1 abridged classics and phonics cards & time telling cards. We got almost all of them. So, homeschooling Mama's- have any of you researched tax credits for school related expenses?

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Charlotte Mathis said...

Loren, When we homeschooled I planned a theme for each month. Since we started school in September the theme for August was "planned relaxation." Activities like sitting on the porch reading a book and sipping lemonade fell in that category. Very good idea to plan down time even if you aren't home schooling.