Wednesday, July 27, 2011

w3: the Mom uniform

For my first Wise, Weird or Whatever post I want to present: the MOM uniform

Many of you already know that I have a Mom uniform. After Madeleine was born, I wore a lot of Tim's sweatpants or his exercise shorts and looking back on pictures, it looked hideously frumpy. After Gracen, I found that most days, I was still postpartum baby body and I was constantly being touched by sticky hands, spit-up upon, and wanting to be, above all, comfortable. I also didn't want to spend a bunch of money on clothes that would look put together, but were always dirty. Enter the uniform. Because on most days, I am home with my kids and no one else comes over but my mom, I decided to spend some money on date-night/ going out clothes and put a few bucks towards the uniform.
White shirt, black shorts in summer, black pants in winter.
I bought two packages of white v-neck Hanes shirts from Walmart.
I was given a black and white pair of soccer shorts while I coached track, so I bought another pair.
I also used a gift card to purchase two more pairs of my most favorite pants in the world. L.L. Bean's perfect pants!!! They are long, nicely cut, have a touch of stretch and don't fade in the wash. They are amazing date pants- they dress up with a nice blouse. Or they look casual with a jean jacket, but most days they are the work horse around the house as part of the mom uniform with white top.

Why a uniform?
1. I was wearing mostly the same thing every day post-partum anyways.
2. I don't have to think about it (no wasting time trying to make an outfit work).
3. It fits and is comfy! Looks relatively good but the elastic waistband accounts for the 30lbs. swings in weight with a pregnancy and 9 month recovery.
4. I can bleach the bejeezus out of the top if necessary
5. It is cheap and allows me to put monies towards other desires, like books =)
6. Should I go out, I can just throw my hair up, put on some makeup and black flip flops and look athletic (in the summer) or -with a pair of dangly earrings- almost done up in winter. (Dangly earrings and soccer shorts just can't go together!)

So, what do you think? Wise, Weird or Whatever? Would you (Or do you unknowingly) rock a mom uniform?

Love, Lauren


Charlotte Mathis said...

Sounds wise to me.

Delaney said...

I think it is wise for your lifestyle! I think being with your girls and not worrying about if they get you messy will make life less stressful :) I always love that on work days I can just throw on my uniform and not worry about what looks cute with what!

Shar said...

I think it's weird that you don't want to dress up for me! Jk ly

Delaney said...

hahaha I love your mom!