Sunday, July 3, 2011

Letter #12/30- Someone You Hate

OOoooops, I kinda delayed in writing this letter, because I don't hate anyone and it was hard to draft. Then I went to a party Friday night and then I totally forgot I was doing, here is my catch-up:

Dear Someone I hate,

I wish you were dead;

I wish you would run away.

You make me feel awful,

Every single day.

You leave fur on my floor,

And fur on my bed.

And you think I want to touch you;

Give you a pat on the head?

Your meowing and licking, I really cannot stand

Just in time for some relaxing then on my lap you land.

I wish you were gone,

I wish you’d disappear

I just feel so horrible

Anytime you are near.

It’s not your fault

And it almost makes me cry.

You’re just a neglected little cat

When did your life go awry?

At the end of the day, when I’m exhausted and frayed

And in you saunter, meowing, on a kitty parade.

Why, oh why, did Tim ever say “Yes…”

“I’ll get this cute little pair.”

I can’t tell you the guilt and pain when I think,

“Kill the cats! (and their hair)”

I’m sorry I failed you

I’m sorry- there! I confess!

I’m sorry you aren’t loved more

I’m sorry it’s all a mess.

Love, Lauren

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