Thursday, June 30, 2011

Letter #11/30- Someone Deceased

Dear Deceased,

I never had a chance to meet you because you died of a heart attack about a year after my parents married. I try to think what it would be like to lose my father at 26, like my dad did, and it seems unbearable. Your wife, though widowed in her early fifties, never remarried. So, you were either a really fabulous husband, or a really terrible one. (Wow, I can't even really make a joke because I don't know if you had a sense of humor.) But, from what I know, you weren't terrible. It's hard to form a picture of who you were. I know that you were hard working, served in the armed forces in Hawaii and loved to camp. You enjoyed a cold beer and you married Gramacita, so you must have been able to hold your own. Maybe you were a quiet, gentle man to balance her matriarchy. It would be nice to get to know you "straight from the horses' mouth" as they would say in your generation.

II'm uncertain how to feel about the man who could have been my Grandpa. What would I have called you? Though April, your first granddaughter, was born 6 months before me so she probably would have named you. Since my mom's dad died when I was 8, I never had the experience of a grandfather in my life. I don't really know what I'm missing I suppose, but I do wish that we could sit down and talk about your life, your experiences and your insights. I wish I could tell you about Jesus and ask that you consider giving him your life so we could always talk in heaven. It would just be nice to share a beer with my abeulo, and tell you it was nice to finally meet you.

Love, Lauren

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Rose Starr said...


No Grandfathers.

Great letter Lauren. Love the way you express your thoughts here. I'm so sorry you missed out on grandfathers. They are truly unique and special. I'm glad your girls have two wonderful grandpas to love on them and spend time with them and to let them know how absolutely fabulous and beautiful and lovely and wonderful they are.

Thanks again for posting these letters. I'm really enjoying them :)