Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Letter #10/30- Someone You Don't Talk to As Much As You'd Like

Dear Friend I Don't Talk to As Much As I'd Like,

Although there are many, many people that could fit this letter, I write to you because I want to highlight and honor what a rich, though restricted, relationship we share. Like Captain Ahab, I feel like time with you is this illusive and shifting desire that I can never quite obtain. But unlike Moby Dick, you are not a whale. Okay, I seriously hope you laughed because that was kind of an English teacher joke, right? On a more earnest note, I always thought we had a wonderful connection as we would drive to class together many years ago. It was pleasant to have a friend to chat around with and talk over assignments. I think you already know that I've always admired your insight and the process you use to actualize your tasks. I would love to pick your brain about your metacognition (geeky, I know). But what I have really enjoyed in the last few years is discussing our growing skill as mothers. It is nice to have a neighbor who you could drop in on; not that we've ever really done that, but I do think about it often... When we have a chance to talk, I wish it could go on and on, because I so enjoy our discussions. I know this will sound strange--but by now you should know that I am a bit--but when I was thinking of a simile to tie this up, I thought about how for a split second, it would have been lovely for us to have been sisters. I let that thought run for a second and I saw some flashes of lying in bunk beds, whispering and talking and giggling and sharing. I never had a sister; I think you would have been a wonderful one.

Love, Lauren

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