Thursday, June 23, 2011

Letter #5/30- Dreams

Dear Dream:

My vision, daydreams and whispered thoughts of Servant’s Heart College where but vapors 50 years ago. It was some secret longing for me, and I don’t even know if I allowed myself the opportunity to let that dream flourish in my mind for the first few years when thoughts and ideas were just whirling through my mind. Yet, here we are, 30 years later and God has blessed me as the steward over a prestigious college assisting over 500 women in growing toward their desperate pursuit of womanly knowledge. In the early 1980s and 1990s there was an exodus of women from the sacred realm of hearth and home. Girls were deemed unintelligent and archaic should they desire nothing more than excellence as wife and mother. This unnerving trend continued through the millennium, and the fruit of this exodus were tyrannical children, frustrated husbands, and restless discord in the soul of women. When I founded this college, it was my deepest desire to see women supported in their thirst for both theoretical and applicable knowledge. The previous generations left women bereft of those magical home-making skills that many found priceless and taught them to jump hoops in order to work at a career for about 5 years before abandoning either said career or their children to another caretaker. Servant’s Heart College melds the heart of the home with the academic pursuit of the mind. I am proud to say that most of our graduates can read, speak and teach Latin & Greek. They could file income taxes or just balance a daily budget. They can teach elementary kids, but they choose to develop curriculum for their own children. They could work as a doctor, but bless their fellow women through midwifery. They can knit, bake, sew, sing, play an instrument, plant a garden, treat their children medically, manage a household purposefully and are working to entwine head, heart and hand in ways that produce untold bounty in our nation. To believe that this would happen for Servant’s Heart College attendees free of charge was the inconceivable “dream within a dream”. I believed that 50 years ago, it was time for women’s education to become more authentic, more accessible and more applicable by shirking the need for red tape, accreditation and federal funding. I am proud, spending my golden years in the basking glow of God’s blessing on a little dream He gave me for women of all ages: that we might show ourselves approved in mind, soul and body for the benefit of our entities and the glory of our Great God.


Lauren Bergon

President Emeritus, Servant’s Heart College