Friday, June 24, 2011

Letter #6/30- Stranger

Dear Mel,

I really pray you are an angel. Today you came by my house soliciting help. Usually, I would just rush a solicitor like you off onto the next victim. But, today was different. For some reason, you actually got to see me the way I want to be. Grateful and generous. It's only because of the Holy Spirit that I even considered giving you money. I wanted to tell you that there's this incredible work going on in my heart that's revealing how selfish and grubby I am. God has rescued me! I don't deserve it, but He did. He gave me a new life, how can I not be constantly overflowing with praise to Him? How can I bemoan anything? ANYTHING?!? Yet, even with you as a somewhat captive audience, I let the fear of man keep me from sharing this incredibly good news for all men. I talked to you about God, instead of Jesus. I let you tell me how you know there is Someone up there, looking out for you, BUT, religion screwed up your's just stand together in awkwardness. That's why I really hope God was sending me an angel to entertain. An angelic host who was looking at me and hoping for all the best while watching me allow fear to paralyze me from speaking about my Rescuer. While I pray the money really, truly does help you- I hope that somehow God uses the words I spoke to encourage you even more. So, here's what I really wanted to say:

Mel, you are beautiful. You are amazing, you are wonderful. Did you know that there is a God and He is on His throne in heaven? Did you know that God chose to rescue His children from the sin that wears them out every day? Have you ever tried to been better, but were never able to succeed? It's because you can't be better. Your heart is very sick and it is dying. You need a Rescuer to save you from yourself because you cannot and will not be able to do it. Because God looked down and chose to love you, He will welcome you into His arms. All He asks is that you believe what He has said. Like a father asks his little girl, He wants you to trust Him, even though you can't understand everything about Him and what He is planning and working out in this world. What He said is this: I AM. There is no other God and I sent my Son to live a perfect life and be the propitiation for sacrifices which, in the past, I demanded of my people. Now, I am making a new family- a royal family in which you can rule and dwell as my daughter. You must come to me by way of a sacrifice, and no sacrifice is perfect. You can't sacrifice enough to earn adoption and no one else can either. But, I made a way; my Son, Jesus, came to earth, made all the bad things untrue and because I love you so much, I was willing to kill him for your bad things. It was Our plan all along. It was the only way to reach down and rescue you from the curse of sin and death. It's the only way and it's a gift. It's the best gift you will ever get. You will never need anything else (though you'll forget again and again). Do you want to be a daughter of the King? It's not because you're beautiful, or wonderful or amazing- yes, you're all those things because God made you that way!- it's because He chose you. Your name is inscribed on His hand. He can't stop thinking about you or loving you. Like the father of the prodigal son, He won't berate you for what you've done (He let Jewish leaders cover this one), he won't shame you or make you feel worthless (the Roman soldiers already did), He won't ask you were you've been (He knows) or how you're going to make it up to Him (you can't)...when you come home to your true Father, He's going to throw His arms open so very wide, He's going to run to meet you, He's going to wipe away all your tears, He's not even going to let you blubber into you're "I'm-so-bad-speech". He's just going to hold you and hold you and hold you and then look into your eyes, laugh and say- You're home, I love you, let's celebrate!

And that's just what we'll do.

Love, Lauren

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