Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Madeleine: 2!

Madeleine awoke to a big "Happy Birthday Madeleine!" and snuggled in our lovely faux sheepskin blanket while I made her some cinnamon & blueberry pancakes. After a hearty breakfast for all girls, my Mom came over and we made our way down to the Wild Animal Park (aka Safari Park).We loaded up the BOB and enjoyed the most lovely weather. It was sunny with a cool breeze. Fearing the sun would keep the animals away, we were very lucky to have a consistent wind to keep the heat at bay.
Madeleine's first ride on a carousel. We watched it twirl before riding, and at first she chose the lion, but then told me she wanted the black cat. I think the juxtaposition of sweet, cherub-faced Madeleine paired with the ferocious cat is amusing.
All the flowers were blooming and the sun was shining- both our girls became butterflies!

watching her sister in front of the butterfly board:
I didn't actually know this, but there is a small splash area for kids at the park. Madeleine hung around the edges, but did want to get a little wet. She's quite our observer, hanging back and taking it all in. I don't know if I would call her shy, but she isn't one of those wild kids who wants to tear it up all the time. She just has a gentle, tender way about her:
Gracen watches the fun:
Loves the map, just like Dada:
since I didn't get a picture of her next to her stuffed gorilla, this one will have to do:
On her second ride, Mads chose to ride the Okapi:
After riding the tram and touring for close to about 5 hours, we decided it was time to eat. We left the park and headed over to the Fire Station to see Dada and have In-N-Out with him. I was so glad to see him and glad he was not called away on a medical aid or fire. We enjoyed dinner at the fire station. Madeleine got to sit in the Fire Truck and the Engine. Dada also me and Mads for a ride around the parking lot. Afterwards, we enjoyed a bite of cupcake and our family sang "Happy Birthday Madeleine". My mom has the pictures from this time, but I will add them soon. It was a great day & the sweetest part was when I got the girls all tucked in and as I was singing our goodnight song to her she spontaneously said, "Dank ee Mama...for the cupcake an the park." It made my day.
Big thanks to my mom for taking all day to help me with the girls; loving thanks to Tim for letting us crash into the station for dinner =)

Happy Birthday Sweet Madeleine girl!
♥ Lauren

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