Sunday, June 26, 2011

Letter #8/30- Internet friend

Dear Internet Friend,

As a mother, it's always encouraging to hear from other mothers across the nation. Whether it be a pregnancy update, a new baby or an encouragement from the Lord...I appreciate when you take the time to post a blog sharing your life. It's fun to feel connected, even when you live many states away. So whether it's a trip to a museum or the shore, or the zoo, keep me updated. I love seeing your kids growing up, your ideas for family fun, how you're losing the baby weight and a random insight or two from your heart.
To all my mama-bloggers: I ♥ you!


Rose Starr said...

Love you too my "internet friend"! Your letters are quite interesting to read. Thanks for letting us in on your letters :)

Ali Winter said...

same here internet buddy!! i love your posts!!