Saturday, July 9, 2011

Letter #17/30- Someone From Your Childhood

Dear Someone From My Childhood,
When you were in middle school, you didn't match your socks. I'm not sure if you thought it was funny or you just didn't care, but it was not uncommon for you to come to school with a blue and a hot pink sock on a foot. You didn't clean your room very often, because I would have to wait for you to finish your chores before we could ride our bikes in elementary school. We named our bikes and would pretend they were horses. You would always let me curl your hair and give you a facial, even though I twisted your hair too tight and it didn't turn out very pretty. For over 10 years, I considered you my best friend. I was there the night you dropped the transmission on your parent's CRX in front of Chris' house. We were the only girls to play tackle football with the guys in high school on some Saturday morning at Margarita Middle School field.I remember seeing you at church and watching your eyes light up when you whispered you were pregnant with baby #1. It was after your summer wedding that another bridesmaid and I ate chocolate cake and cried about us all growing up; you wore my veil and it looked so beautiful. We spent most holiday seasons together, baking cookies, singing carols, attending parties and sleeping over. I was very jealous when you went to Calvary Chapel HS and wanted to hang out with Vanessa, I saw our friendship slipping away. You were missed even more when you dated Jeff (though you looked amazing in your blue prom dress). I wanted to be sure you knew that I loved you, so I flew to Chicago to see you graduate from Wheaton. I drove to see you the day you delivered Sophie, Jacob and GK (sorry Adele). I have so many tender times with you that could fill pages. Secrets shared, tears cried, laughter ringing out and tying binds knit over that last 22 years. You'll always be my childhood's best friend- and all the goofy, growing up and figuring out we did together is a sweet memory when I recall our past. Even if we never talked, or saw each other again, there is nothing that could take the special role you played in my life...I love you very much, and I always will.
Love, Lauren

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