Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Letter #27/30- The Friendliest Person You Knew for Only One Day

Dear Friendliest Person I Knew For Only One Day,
As I approached writing this letter, I wracked my brain in deciding the parameters wherein I would actually award friendliest person. I tried to reach back into the recesses of 25 years of awareness reaching for a stand-out kind person from my school, church or gym...but usually they were acquaintances. I would see them more than once. I thought about a girl I met at a Rock Climbing Clinic in 2006. Although she was friendly, she was there alone, and so was I. Of course two girls in a highly male-populated sport would strike up a friendship. We were in a camping situation of our own choosing intent on actually engaging with other people, so that didn't really speak about friendliness in spite of the circumstances. Along with that caveat I now would include all events of my choosing; for instance, conferences, camps, orientations, etc. where I was choosing to place myself along others who were seeking out companionship for some varied reason. I tried to think about people who are instructed to be nice and it didn't really seem to work for cashiers or salesmen or flight attendants. But there is a group of people who, although they are instructed to be nice, are often not. So, thank you sweet Verizon Wireless technical support advisor. I have often called, livid at some particular flub only to be so overwhelmed with kind helpfulness that I am shamed that I could feel so much rage regarding my situation. You diffuses, detangle and de-stress me, I am so thankful for the customer service you maintain. And specifically, thank you one Brian in St. Louis who was so overwhelmingly kind that I felt very guilty for even having an technical difficulties which might interrupt his workday. How ironic is that?
Love, Lauren

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