Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whimsy & Desires

Now that the letter writing challenge is done, it is time to turn my attention to pressing desires.
1. Madeleine is 25 months, I am stuck in a puzzle/book rut; it is time to start activities that inspire play (which equals learning).
2. My last "monthly" post for the girls covered January, it is time to catch up.
3. While my blog is not managed enough to do a "link-up party" or generate any outstanding traffic, I do want to do a weekly blog focusing on seemingly unorthodox approaches to living. I am thinking of calling it "Weird, Wise or Whatever" and having people weigh in with their opinion. I think it could be fun and of course, it would be on Wednesday.
4. I joined Pinterest and although I have heard of the addictive power, I would like to moderately organize ideas I find on the world wide web.

So, in keeping with these desires. Madeleine and I bought out the paints. I was inspired by my friend who blogs at birdinyourhand. She wrote about adding whimsy to our yards, so this is what I came up with:
Start with a $1 birdhouse from JoAnn's
Add Crayola Washable paint
Set them outside to dry, go to the library, come home, have lunch, then prepare to drill
Drill a hole through the bottom and add a bamboo garden stake
Determine that they need a big, colorful bow on the stake; shoot adorable photo anyway
Ta-da! Whimsy & fun.


Deb said...

Excellent idea and absolutely adorable birdhouses. Continue to enjoy your summer! :)

Delaney said...

So excited for your weekly post! And missy Pinterest is Adddicting. Really. Don't get the app on your phone. poor andrew is fighting for my attention. haha jk kind of. But the only thing that is hard is struggling with envious thoughts and wanting decorate my house like a millionaire. Goes back to my struggle with contentment. However, lately I have been able to look and appreciate the beautiful ideas on pinterest and not become discontent with what I have, so thats good!

wow, really long comment! haha
I love you!

btw: You make the cutest babies ever!

Anonymous said...

Hey, great idea! I love that you can stick them in the planters---I may need to try something like this soon! And thanks for the shout-out! I love those dollar sales at Joann's and Michael's. What a fun project!

Shar said...

How fun! I bet Mads really enjoyed the painting.