Friday, July 22, 2011

Letter #28/30- Someone that Changed Your Life

Dear Someone Who Changed My Life,
I love you, I really really do. And, when I think about how much you love me, it makes my eyes sting, that enormously choking lump jumps to my throat and my blood warms up coursing through my veins exceedingly fast. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For choosing me, for always trusting, for always hoping, for always bearing my burdens. Everything I do in response to your love is utterly unworthy. You encourage, I lash out. You reprove, I sulk. You are gracious, I am ungrateful. But, I love you. I just really, really adore you. The most amazing part is that I know, beyond doubts that you will never leave me. You're faithful and true. I love you. I wish there were ways to tell you. I tell myself: find ways that he will know; prove it to him that you deserve all that he gives you, but you make it impossible. You do it all--for which I do not know whether to love or hate you- but it's you who make this life possible. For flowers every day, for sunny days, for refreshing storms, for cleansing fire, for birds and beasts, for beauty, for your creativity, for your justice, for your holiness, for your love. For you are holding all things together for your own glory. I love you, so much. I run to you, I see your love for me when I look at my children. I understood why, but never how you could command your own son to die because of your great love for your true children. I am your beloved daughter in whom you are welled pleased. I am your beloved daughter in whom you are well pleased. I am your beloved daughter in whom you are well pleased. I am, because you loved me.

For the reader's consideration:
"This is a gifted response
Father we cannot come to You by our own merit
We will come in the name of Your son
As He glorifies You
And in the power of Your spirit

We have come to something so mysterious
Too deep for minds to comprehend
Through the open door
Where the angels sing
And the host of heaven are antheming...

And we'll sing the glory of Your name
Celebrate the glories of Your grace
We will worship You, We will worship You
And we'll make Your praise so glorious
Singing songs of everlasting praise
We will worship You, we will worship You" Matt Redman "Gifted Response"

"I will wait for You patiently
Praying from my deepest point of need
Give You everything in return just for You
Satisfy my soul, nothing else will do

My heart
your home

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
just to take him at his word
Just to rest upon his promise,
Just to know: thus sayeth the Lord.
Jesus, Jesus, how I love him,
How I've proved him o'er and o'er
Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus
just for grace, to trust him more.

My heart, your home...

I will sing for You all my days
Always quick to give You praise
When I was in sin You saved my soul
No greater love will I ever know

Jesus, You shine like the sun"- Wait "By the Tree"

If you don't know Jesus, he may want to know you. If you think you are a Christian, but are unwilling to give up your fear of man, your fear of self, your old life...then you may not be rescued. Jesus will rescue you from your misgivings, your failures, your pride, your inabilities, your exhaustive struggle to make this life heavenly (though it will never be). Repent, follow Jesus, be filled with the Spirit and obey what He has said in His Word.

Love, Lauren

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