Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Letter #19/30- Someone Who Pesters Your Mind- Good or Bad

Dear Someone Who Pesters My Mind for Good,
You'll know one day, how much I think about you. Maybe you wonder if I really pray for you as often as I say. Maybe you wonder why I haven't texted in a while. But, there will come a day- a happy one, when I see you chasing after your own kids that you will realize that even though we didn't connect as often as we wanted, you pester my mind all the time. There are so many striking similarities between us, it's nice to have a chance to see the Lord working in areas for us, usually at the same time! I think about you because you are like a little sister to me- you were my student, now you are my friend. You come to mind when I wake up, when I lie down and lots of moments in between. I read your thoughts online, I read your texts amidst puzzles and books. I lift you up to God because you pester my mind. I worry for you a little, because I love you. I want to see you happy...So, when you have a lonely day or you find yourself with a little time to spare, come pester me, I don't mind.
Love, Lauren

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Delaney said...

I love you lauren. You are my sister. I am more than blessed to have you in my life. You encourage me so much so seek Christ and just being around you and your family lifts me up and brightens my day. I think you pester my mind just as much as I do yours :) I am often thinking of you. Praying for you and missing you!