Thursday, October 20, 2011

Up & Coming

I have been intending to blog, but we've been so busy that I can't find the time nor the motivation.
There are some big things happening around the Bergon Bungalow:

1. We went on vacation and I read an entire book (Unbroken) in 5 days! That means lots of relaxing and downtime.(post to come)
2. We did pre-school week 2 (B is for Button) (post to come)
3. We took a break to vacation but kept up the theme with C is for Camping...
4. We are working on week 3 (C is for Costume) (post to come)
5. We listed our house for sale, had one offer fall through and are now in a "soft-escrow" with a cash buyer.
6. Due to the upcoming rental situation, we are looking to re-home all of our animals. My neighbor said she might take over our cats (she lives next door and they hang out there anyways) but her husband may not want them. We're hoping the new owners buying our house will want our dogs (they indicated they LOVED them). If you know of anyone who is dying to care for sweet cats or dogs, please let us know. Everyone says that our animals are great and that they are well-behaved (which we agree), but even with their tender spirits, we are just too taxed to give them the love they need.
7. We are also on the look-out for potential rental sites. If you live in the neighborhoods east of Margarita, west of Anza, south of Murrieta Hot Springs and north of De Portola let us know if you see a rental. We still have our boat, so we could really benefit from RV side parking.
8. I need some help as a future-renter. I have never rented long-term in a home (only an apartment for 2 years) and if you have any words of wisdom to pass my way...please let me know!
9. In moving, Tim and I are excited to purge our house of excess STUFF. Look for postings in the future about nicer items (like I think I am going to try and reduce my silverware down and get rid of my Crate & Barrel "Mix" stainless set or a bunch of superfluos camping stuff) and, if you need something randomly (like old leather couches that have been in my sunroom or garden lounge chairs that just need a sand, prime and paint) let me know and I'll see if we have it around.
10. Next month, we've got 7 birthdays-including Gracen November's 1st!- and our 4 year anniversary. Oh, and then there's Thanksgiving and then we're only a month from Christmas and ringing in the New Year...but wait, Halloween first. Oh my, moving early next year now seems a whole world closer!

Love, Lauren

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