Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Grace!

Unfortunately, I awoke at 2am to Madeleine screaming in her crib. The sweet girl was crying "Dada!! DADA!! Please, get the kitty cat out of my room!" at the top of her lungs as Lucy was meowing annoyingly fierce at the door. Thankfully, Tim was our hero and helped her get settled into bed. The whole ordeal took about 7 minutes, but the surge of murderous anger I had toward the cats enlivened my nervous system enough to leave me sleepless. After trying to fall back asleep for an hour, I figured I would get out of bed and do something useful. And what could be more useful than celebrating the birth of our little daughter Gracie-goo? 

Little Gracie- God knew what a blessed grace you would be in our life when He inspired your name in us. We wanted to honor the Lord's amazing Grace in our lives with your name. True to His loving and kind character, it was us who was blessed beyond our imaginings with you and your wonderful, delightful person. Everyone who has met you knows of your infectious smile, your playful personality and your persistently pleasant temperament and of course, your Dada-endowed dimples!

 You've always had a place in our family, and as we waited to meet you, we wondered what it would be like to add another member to this home. But now that you've been here for a year, gently ingraining yourself into our hearts each passing day- you're hidden so deep there that I can't imagine living without you. I love our mornings when you gleefully greet me and snuggle into my neck as we just enjoy the deliciousness of being Mama and baby with a "mmmm-mmmm-mmm". 

 As you've grown, Dada and I love witnessing the interaction you have with Madeleine and our other extended family. Now you are one! You can wave, smile, point, shriek and giggle. I will always treasure your baby years and the tender memories they hold- singing you to sleep, nuggling, your curious and insightful mind. What an amazing gift you are to us. 

And heavenly days...can you get any cuter?



Happy Birthday Gracen! Oh, how I love your little squeezy thighs, your soft, bald head and your baby kisses. God looked down and gave us joy in you. I pray that the Lord captures your heart this year. That as we look forward to everything 2012 will bring (walking! talking! hair!) that we submit to Him, learning to show you, in everything we do, the radical and obscene news of the gospel. That I wouldn't ask you to fulfill the Law, but that I would show you that you will never be able to fulfill it. Instead, I want to give you grace...just as My Heavenly Father gave me Grace. No matter how much I love you, I will never be a good enough parent to save you from your sins. Only God is the Good Parent. And, no matter how wonderful you are (because you are!) you will never be a good enough child. Only Jesus was the Good Child- perfectly obedient in order that he might be the propitiation for our sins. Praise God we can be found in him. I pray that you see grace from me and Dada and we are so grateful you have been sent to be our little Grace, a precious gift from our the Lord.
Love, Mama

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