Sunday, November 20, 2011


Two days after we listed our house, I had a chance to spend some time with my wonderful girlfriends. My three book club friends and playdate chums met with me at Painted Earth to do a collective piece in honor of a birthday and personal celebration. We chose a large, square platter and decided to section it off according to seasons. We each chose the season of our birth (well, Jaime took summer, even though her birthday's in June). We worked for a few hours chatting over coffee, and munching personalized cupcake treats that Sarah brought from Truly Madly Sweetly Cupcakes. At the end of the night (and the close of the store) we signed our names on the back and left it for glazing. We determined that each of us would have it for 3 months of the year and then bring it to another friend with a gift or food or surprise on the plate to be displayed in their home for the next three months until they passed it on to another. Such a special time and such wonderful, special friends that I have!

 The next day, my mom and I were off to San Diego for Vanessa's bridal shower. I was told "cocktail attire", and that's what I did.
There are some ladies with whom I have been friends for over 20+ years. When we all went off to college, our moms would get together to pray for us and send us care packages. They've done more together than we have lately!!
I just call them "the moms".
Diane (and daughters Laura and Jeanette didn't make it), my mom, me, Belinda and daughter Vanessa, Meredith and her mom Jan (though other daughter Eliza was in CO) and Rilla (daughter Kate was at another event too.)
 Me, the bride-to-be, and my best childhood friend, Meredith- still friends after 23 years:
 The moms!
Happy bridal shower Vaness.
Love, Lauren

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