Sunday, November 20, 2011

SHA: Week 2 "B"

For the second week of school we did a few activities that focused on the letter "B"
Madeleine helped me bake some bread. Every time I go to the store I buy 5lbs of whole wheat flour. Then I come home, put it away and forget about it. WE have close to 20 lbs of ww! So, we put some to good use:
 We talked about fractions again and using oil to keep the surface of the bread slippery so we could work with it and not have it stick.
We then let it rise. While the bread was rising, we glued buttons into a big "B".

 Finally, we eat the baked bread. 
We also went to the library and read books on bears and the Berenstain's Bears "B" book. We made a poster of the eight different species of bears in the world. Madeleine helped pick all the pictures and glue them down; I labeled them for her and Tim quizzed her throughout the week. 

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