Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chantilly Circle Home Tour

I think most people know we'll be moving out of our current house sometime in late January or early February if all goes as we've planned. I'm pretty excited. It's been a tough 4 years for me; the Lord has worked heavily on my heart. When I first moved in with Tim, after we married, it was no secret that I wasn't really in love with his house. I wasn't very grateful for what I had. I really had to submit to God in learning to at least be quiet about what I was feeling. But, it moved beyond that into trying to make the most of the space I had and be thankful. It isn't easy at times to remember that this is where the Lord has me, but I hope I've grown. I've had to increase the fight in last two weeks because, as I anticipate moving, I'm finding those old feelings of bitterness about this house creeping back into my heart. I'm seeing my frustration with the house ooze into my day to day as I live and move within the walls. I hope that I can leave this house more like Christ because of it, and I do have some treasured memories here...anyways, here's the home tour, just in case you've never been to my little house:
Girls' nursery:

 our master bedroom:

 master bath:
 kitchen from the hallway:
 looking into the kitchen from the front door:
 more kitchen
 guest bath:
hallway looking toward kitchen with guest bath on left:
 cute girls on our bed:

 in their first home:
Even though Madeleine was born in this home, I am looking forward to buying a home with Tim, one that we both love and both own. And one with a walk-in closet :)
Love, Lauren 

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