Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bergon Palms

Well, I decided that Bergon Palms would be the new name. It won out over Patience Park, Bergon Park and Birdsong. When you come to our house, you will find it by looking for two towering palms on the north side of the property. Palms also comprise much of the greening around the house, so I thought it appropriate. I also wasn't going to use our name in there because it really isn't our house, but then I re-thought it...for now, it is our house and more importantly our home. Plus, if we don't use our name, it just sounds like a resort (The Palms?). Amazingly, our new home is a resort! I am so in love with it. Hot air balloons rise just over our house on the weekends, upstairs in the master bedroom you can hear the gentle swaying of eucalyptus branches which create dancing shadows on the walls. Gardeners come every week to keep the property perfectly maintained and the birds flit in the trees singing sweet songs. *sigh* I still combat the stress of unpacking and not being able to find most things at any given time, but underneath it all is a deep sense of compatibility and happiness with this house. I didn't really realize how a great place can cause such a deep desire to create "Place" for the enjoyment of our family. I find myself wanting to create solitude and sanctuary; to keep things clean and bright. I want to entertain, have people over, fire up the grill and all that jazz. It's home love for me. So, come over! Bring a six pack (Amstel Light) or some wine (Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet is a yummy choice-thanks Laney!) and celebrate with us all that God is bringing about in our hearts and in our home.

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Kim said...

Can't wait to see it. Any chance of posting a few pictures with your new camera? :)